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The Colour Wheel Quilt is Done

The Colour Wheel Quilt is finally done. I just finished quilting and putting on the binding today.

It’s come a long way from this:

Here is what the sample from the book Quilt Color Workshop by T. Bruecher, B. Greenberg, L. Goldsworthy, and J. Adams (2014) looks like:

I made some changes to the original pattern and added a header created from the trimmings from the 30 degree wedges of each colorway I cut to create the wheel.

My plan is to use this quilt as a teaching aid when I cover color theory in the workshop I’ll be providing next year (which has now become two workshops at two different venues…more info to come someday…).

If you need a legend for the labeled colorways, here you go:

Primary Colors

  • Red (R)
  • Yellow (Y)
  • Blue (B)

Secondary Colors

  • Orange (O)
  • Green (G)
  • Violet/Purple (V)

Tertiary Colors

  • Red-Orange (RO)
  • Yellow-Orange (YO)
  • Yellow-Green (YG)
  • Blue-Green (BG)
  • Blue-Violet (BV)
  • Red-Violet (RV)

As you can see from the list above, “Secondary Colors” are formed by combining “Primary Colors”; and “Tertiary Colors” are formed by combining a “Primary Color” with a “Secondary Color”.