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What’s On the Design Wall: A Homecoming

Yesterday the long-arm quilter, Guadalupe Designs, unveiled the quilting done on my piece Abandoned Structure, which is based on an abandoned power plant in Central Oregon that I photographed many years ago.

For more on the development of this piece, the story behind it, and the original photo that inspired it, please see the post What’s On the Design Wall: Working Through a New Art Quilt Piece.

Once I got it home I stuck it up on the Design Wall (a sort of homecoming from where it originally was born).  I have not yet trimmed the batting from the edges or put the finish  on the edges, but I am enjoying just looking at the piece as it came off the long-arm quilting machine.

I am excited to add it to my collection of art quilts made from recycled clothing and garment manufacturing scraps.

Abandoned Structure (2015, in progress). Designed and pieced by Tierney Davis Hogan, Quilted by Betty Anne Guadalupe.
Abandoned Structure (2015, in progress). Designed and pieced by Tierney Davis Hogan, Quilted by Guadalupe Designs

8 thoughts on “What’s On the Design Wall: A Homecoming”

  1. This is an amazing piece of art. So glad I got to see it at the meeting. And, your presentation was great, along with being entertaining too! Thank you for the little plug about my facebook page. The reason you couldn’t find my web page, is because (due to my husbands influence) I was persuaded not to use my name, but something more generic. so, it is “ Maybe that was a mistake… I don’t know…
    See you at the next SAQA meeting, and I look forward to seeing your future designs.

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    1. Hi Dianne! Yes I finally found your website! I did include it in the e-mail I sent Jan to send to the group with the pdf of my presentation. Thanks and I will post more photos once I finish the facing 🙂


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