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Not working on what I’m supposed to be working on

My Intentions

Well here’s what I’m supposed to be working on today:


Here’s what I’m actually working on today:

It’s so cold and snowy today all I want to do is sit around under a quilt and knit.

I am almost to my favorite part of knitting a hat – switching to the double pointed needles. I love finishing off the top part of a hat – it’s kind of challenging but fun! (Plus I like being silly and walking around the house with my nearly completed hat and double pointed needles sticking out of the top – ha!)

Well back to watching the snow fall outside my front window…



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25 thoughts on “Not working on what I’m supposed to be working on”

      1. Oh my, I might be the last person in the continent to regularly use my phone as a computer. Aside from phone, text, and email functions, and the ever-important camera, I don’t use it a lot. Typos are only one of the problems!

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  1. Hmmn, well I am a big believer in working on what calls to you at the time. Otherwise I get all testy and grouchy, and probably mess up the ‘have to’ project. I think you may have created a new fashion – almost finished hats with the needles still left in. I can see it on catwalks now…

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