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Update on “Scrappy Improvisational Medallion”…Pillow

The last of the four old projects (#3) I laid out in my my studio in the photo below, is now completed:

2017-08-01_19-03-27_630I first posted about this project in the post What’s on the Design Wall: Scrappy Improvisational Medallion and the plan was to make it into a Medallion Quilt.

However, I was not feeling inspired to keep building the improvisational Medallion Quilt, even after I pulled out my copy of Gwen Marston’s book Liberated Medallion Quilts. (This book is about breaking the rules and making improvisational medallion quilts instead of traditional accurately pieced medallion quilts.)


I even found among my scraps a wonderful collection of coordinating fabrics. Still, I was not feeling inspired to make it into a quilt. I did however want to make it into something and to be done with this project, so I made it into a pillow for my sunroom:


This pillow joins my collection of handmade items on secondhand love-seat in my sunroom that my neighbor gave me. The love-seat is plaid and not really my style, so I covered it with homemade and other second hand items.


I am not giving up on my plan to make a medallion quilt someday! I tucked away some ideas from working on this piece.


So what is next? Well I have become obsessed with making little wallets using my collection of fabric scraps:


I am not sure what I am going to do with all the little wallets, but I am having fun playing in my different boxes of fabric scraps organized by color and finding pieces that working with the templates for the little wallets:

Fabric scraps organized by color

Here is a bag of turquoise and teal fabric scraps I cannot wait to play with next once I finish playing with orange and brown scraps:


I will share in a future post all the little wallets in fun color combinations I made from scraps!


26 thoughts on “Update on “Scrappy Improvisational Medallion”…Pillow”

    1. Thank you! And I will keep daydreaming of my real medallion quilt someday! I think I need to create a center that has the general color scheme of the quilt so the color choices outward flow easily 🙂

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  1. I have that book and also want to design a Medallion quilt. many times I will make a block and end up making a pillow cover or a mini wall hanging to cover my sewing machine. great way to finish little UFOs. waiting to get back to my quilting. just had 2nd CTS on left hand and doing great. Much better without thumb surgery too!!!!! maybe i can finallyfinish something.

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  2. I love the little pillow! Perfect idea to make a smaller project when you aren’t feeling inspired to carry on with the big quilt. I can totally relate. I love Gwen Marsten’s book Liberated Medallions, and a liberated quilt is on my to-do list, but it does seem to keep getting pushed down the road. But a pillow? Hm. I think I could commit to that….thanks for the idea!

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    1. Thanks so much for your comments 🙂
      Yes I think after finishing a little medallion pillow I am more inspired to try and actual medallion quilt someday. The center was a recycled block I got at a thrift store, so I was limited on my color choices which led to me feeling less inspired to keep building my medallion. But when I make one from scratch in the future, I will ensure my center piece has a lot of colors/fabrics to build from!

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  3. Beautiful pillow. I love the applique house – how fitting for a delightful piece that adds a cozy touch to your sun room. Lovely to see the wallets you’re working on as well. I admire how organized you are – with splendid results on the colour-coordinating. 🙂

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  4. I’ve been curious about your bags of scraps. Do you make them up, or does someone else? Do you just use what is in there and your imagination to make something interesting? I’d love to know more, because it sounds like a fun challenge. Maybe there is a post already? I’ll go look…

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    1. They are a combination. My scrap collection began with leftover from quilts I made. However I used up a lot of my original scraps on an all scrap rail fence quilt I made years ago from my first 10 years of quilting. Then around 8 years ago, quilting friends started sharing their scraps with me. It sort of snowballed and now I have a friend who uses beautiful fabrics but does not like keeping scraps and does not want to throw them away so she gives me spectacular scraps (some are even nearly fat quarter size). I could probably never buy new fabric again and just make items from scraps. I did eventually clean out a huge amount of scraps, package them up by color/coordinated colors and donate them to one of our local charity thrift shops but I still have lots (with more coming in). Here is the post about my scrap donation – https://tierneycreates.com/2016/10/27/a-humane-way-to-eliminate-fabric-scraps-re-post/


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