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The Napkin Story

From the tierneycreates archives – I am getting ready to meet up with my sister in NYC (I am attending the Quilters Take Manhattan event) and I was thinking of the many times that she inspired me to chill out more in life!


In my previous post Farm Girl Vintage, Part III I mentioned my past challenges with nearly OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) level of desire for order and neatness in my life.

When we lived in Seattle, WA I used to entertain, a lot. Game nights, holiday get-togethers at my house, random dinner parties, birthday party hosting, baby shower hosting, work parties, etc., etc. I was very social – and if I was not throwing party, I was attending a party or going to some event. Notice, I mentioned that “I” was very social, as I learned years later, Terry the Quilting Husband was only playing along, he would have preferred more quiet time at home with me and the dogs. (There is the Thanksgiving he always teases me about – when we out of obligation, courtesy and my desire, attended 3 – 4 Thanksgiving celebrations at various friends’ homes all…

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11 thoughts on “The Napkin Story”

  1. I love all my fabric napkins that I have collected over the years. Thank you for reminding me of their purpose and the importance of saving our enviorment by cutting back on paper for such things as napkins which make my hands and skin feel so dry. Back to basics. Love your story about your sister. My sister also helped me let go of “things that I don’t need”. Hugs

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  2. I just flew back to Miss. from Austin, TX where we celebrated my brother’s 80th birthday. Our (older) sister has been gone six years, but her three sons/families were there. We missed her. I’m so glad to read you are getting to be with your sister–enjoy every minute of it!

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