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Creative Inspiration: The Moth

On our morning walk yesterday, I came upon a moth sitting in the middle of the sidewalk. A very large and surprisingly quite beautiful moth. As I approached closer it did not move so I thought I would be a wonderful photo opportunity.


I got a little bold as the moth was just sitting there, and gently prodded it to open its wings and it complied. Usually I dislike moths and would not have anything to do with a moth, but I was intrigued with this one.

I thought I would post a couple of my photos as part of my ongoing series of posts on sources of Creative Inspiration. I think these color palette in the moth is sublime as well is the speckled sidewalk background – it would make a wonderful future art quilt!


Much thanks to the moth who participated in the photo shoot!


23 thoughts on “Creative Inspiration: The Moth”

    1. It is, thanks – I cannot believe I was so lucky to get a close up photo. The moth did not seem to be injured, it just seemed to be relaxing or something….


  1. Beautiful! I can see how that little Moth caught your attention and invited himself into your inner creative side.


    1. I think so, I am in love with the texture and colors in the sidewalk (I bet there is fabric like that or you could splatter fabric paint it? And the browns, blue, black and yellow – nature is so beautiful!

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