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Beastie Adventures: Sisters, Oregon

After a moderately successful trip to the public library, I figured the tierneycreates Beastie (see Beastie Adventures) and her dog Mikelet were ready to a day trip to Sisters, Oregon.

The annual Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is approaching (July 14, 2018) and I needed to drop off a Sponsor Quilt for the show.


Terry the Quilting Husband (TTQH) thought we might as well make a day trip out of it and bring Mike our miniature schnauzer. I thought we might as well also bring the tierneycreates Beastie and her miniature schnauzer Mikelet!

(I will have two quilts in the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show this year and I will share more about that in another post.)

The Drive to Sisters

TTQH recently got a new (well, a new used, 2016) car so we got to ride in “air conditioned luxury” to Sisters. No TTQH did not get a luxury car, it is just that his previous car was a 2005 Ford Focus with no air conditioning. We only had manually rolled down windows if we wanted to attempt to cool down in heat!

It got a little crowded in the passenger seat as tierneycreates, Mikelet and Mike all wanted to be in the front passenger area with me. At one point tierneycreates and Mikelet moved to the dashboard for a better view of the road:

Dashboard Beasties

Mike and Mikelet got along well when supervised and Mike shared his view out the window with Mikelet:

Mikelet is to the left of Mike, he sort of blends in with all that gray fur together

The drive to Sisters was beautiful, punctuated by the Three Sisters Mountains:


When you get into Sisters, the mountains are visible everywhere, as shown in the photo below of a Farmstand/Nursery we stopped at for a wander:


And pretty much everywhere you drive/look in the area such as in this neighborhood next to downtown Sisters:


An independent woman, tierneycreates tried to walk Mikelet around Sisters on her own, but at times she agreed to be carried as with her tiny legs she is a bit slow:

Big Mike asking tierneycreates and Mikelet to hurry up

The Stitchin’ Post

I’ve been to the amazing Stitchin’ Post quilt shop a zillion times and since the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show drop off location for quilts was in another building, I was going to skip a visit to the Stitchin’ Post this time.


However I caught tierneycreates peeking into the shop when we walked by it:

2018-06-23_12-20-39_679So I agreed to take her in and show her around.

Of course, as a Beastie, she couldn’t help being mischievous and before I knew it I was trying to keep up with her and all her wanderings.

I tried to show her around the fabric, such as this beautiful Kaffe Fassett fabric display:


But soon of course I found her in the yarn/knitting section the moment I was not watching her:


When we took this photo, I noticed one of her boots were missing!


I had to backtrack to all the places I’d seen her hanging out and finally we found her boot in the back of this display of yarn:


We talked about her being more careful in the future with her boots!

As we left the Stitchin’ Post, tierneycreates insisted on a photo with the iconic sign:


Paulina Springs Books

After the Stitchin’ Post we wandered over to Paulina Springs Books, a wonderful little indie bookstore (I love Independent Bookstore – check out my 12/23/16 post on Independent Bookstores) off of the main downtown street in Sisters


Mike and Mikelet checked out the Dog Book Section:

In case you do not see him in the photo, Mikelet is next to the book Unconditional: Older Dogs, Deeper Love by Jane Sobel Klonsky

There were several authors at the bookstore for book signing (I think it was a special event) and tierneycreates and I stopped and visited with writer Julie O’Neil, author of the book Living Without Walls: One Woman’s Journey from Fear to Wonder in the High Sierras.


Julie is a world traveler and on her way next to Honduras to work with children. I got a signed copy of her book for my world traveler friend Michele.

Julie was gracious enough to let tierneycreates be in the photo, though my Beastie friend forgot to look at the camera, I think she was checking out a shelf in the distance to browse.

Sure enough, the moment I turned my head, she headed over to a shelf that caught her attention – books about Oregon.


I understand her curiosity about Oregon. It is her new home after all as she recently moved here from Ireland!

The Biscuit Scam

It was at Paulina Springs Books that Mike learned a very neat trick: be cute inside of shops and you will get dog biscuits. Even though Mike can be a little grumpy (he is territorial with anyone coming near his beloved TTQH) he still charmed the staff at Paulina Spring Books and next thing we knew they were feeding him dog biscuits.

This happened at several more shops, to the point that Mike started pulling TTQH towards the front door of every shop we passed hoping we would go inside and he could score another biscuit.

In Mike’s defense, he is very cute and who would not want to give him a biscuit?


Time for a Break!

After a late morning/early afternoon of wandering around Sisters, it was time to stop for lunch. We found this place:


The staff was very nice and brought water out for Mike and Mikelet while we were waiting for our pizza to be ready.

Mikelet however was a little challenged accessing the water bowl:


But he was absolutely fascinated by the pizza:

A tiny schnauzer vs a giant pizza

We were not too sure about tierneycreates and “adult beverages”. I gave her a little sip of my local microbrew and she started to kick her boots off…


We decided Beasties and alcohol are not the best mix and we had her stick with water.

After lunch, and a stop at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show quilt drop off warehouse, we headed back home (in glorious air conditioning!)


Had to add this one – a random photo of the tierneycreates Beastie on a glass horse outside an art gallery in Sisters, Oregon.



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    1. Well if you come to Sisters let me know and we can wander around a bit together in the show and have lunch! (and discuss Netflix shows – ha! Oh what documentary was I supposed to watch, I keep forgetting!)

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  1. Wow, what a great day out for everyone – humans, Beasties and their canine friends! 😀 It’s nice to see Mike and Mikelet getting along so well, and look at tierneycreates Beastie getting to meet an author! Lucky girl!
    (We’ll just skip over the parts where she loses her shoe and gets rowdy after a bit of microbrew 😂) Super post, Tierney… And I can’t wait to see your quilts for the show!

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    1. Thanks and I put a little velcro on the bottom on her feet and inside her boots to try and make them stay on better. For some reason her right boot keeps slipping off when she is wandering around and I am worried about losing it 🙂
      I would not leave Mike and Mikelet alone as I am sure Mikelet would become a chew toy but they are good supervised!


      1. Hahaha! Yes, Mike is probably just waiting for their first chance to be alone together to break the truce! 😂 Good thinking with the velcro, too. I thought I was the only one who wore out their shoes asymmetrically – clearly tierneycreates Beastie gets that from me!

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      2. We keep Mikelet up on a shelf with tierneycreates Beastie – much safer that way. So far the velcro is working nicely though hopefully she won’t get calluses from walking on velcro 🙂


  2. Oh what fun! I must confess that I have fallen in love with Mikelet (don’t tell tierneycreates, as she might get jealous). I see she led you astray by insisting on going into the Stitchin Post, when you were being strong and resisting another visit. Beautiful scenery.

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    1. Thanks so much for your comments they made me smile this morning 🙂
      I am in love with Mikelet too!
      I did not buy anything at the Stitchin Post though I wanted to buy everything – ha!


  3. Adorable post! I’m looking forward to your upcoming blogs from Sisters. A good quilting friend and I are booking our reservations now for Sisters 2019. Can’t wait!


  4. Beastie and Mikelet are very entertaining. Thank you for including them in your adventurous journey. Everything looked yummy in the fabric stores, as did the pizza.💗

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  5. Aw. I love the pictures of Mike and Mikelet together. They are the sweetest pair ever! (Mike looks truly enthralled by his mini-version. Naturally, he deserves all the biscuits!). Glad to see Tierneycreates Beastie making the rounds and looking very at home in all of that yarn! (Glad the boot was found!). I’ve heard about this legendary quilting event in Sisters, and look forward to reading more. 🙂

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  6. Dude, I can’t keep it together. Chuckling like a little kid here. You need a tv show or youtube channel for Mikelet and Beastie. All those pics of fabric should motivate me to complete my backpack that I had prototyped.

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