Updated tierneycreates Studio Tour

I’ve updated the studio tour on my page tierneycreates Studio Tour.

When you first walk into my studio

My tiny studio is nothing to “write home about” but I share photos to encourage other crafters who have not yet created their own little crafting space in their abode to do so.

I’ve proven you can cram a lot into a tiny bedroom (and someday I will install decent lighting into it)!

My studio makes me smile even if is it missing the sense of crisp, coordinated, moderns, elegant, organized, etc. style that I’ve seen in other quilters/crafters/artists’ studio (you’ll never see it featured in magazines such as Where Women Create).

It is a little sanctuary where I have hung on the wall quilts by my Quilting Sisters Kathy R. and Judy D. reminding me of the beauty of life-long true friendships. It is where I enjoy my collection of little toy schnauzers and rabbits, my collection of fabric treats and delights, and a closet full of projects to be made!

From the book Your Creative Work Space: The Sweet Spot Style Guide to Home Office + Studio Decor by Desha Peacock:

A mother bird doesn’t complain that she doesn’t have time or space to create her nest, she just makes do with the resources available to her at the time…Her job is not finished when the nest is built. She still needs to protect it until her babies are strong enough to go out on their own…think of what would happen if the momma bird neglected to actually build the nest because she couldn’t find the perfect materials. Don’t let your creativity suffer or, worse, die because you can’t find the perfect lamp…don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Use the resources you have around you and allow them to blossom with age and use. 

Once you create your space, do not abandon it. Protect it fiercely with that momma bird love…  – Desha Peacock, Your Creative Work Space  (2017)

I hope you all make a nest for the precious baby birds of your creations!

23 thoughts on “Updated tierneycreates Studio Tour”

  1. It’s always fun to get a peek into someone else’s sewing room. You have a LOT of fabric! I’m currently reorganizing and rearranging my room, perhaps I’ll share some pictures when I’m finished.

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  2. Love the quote, your studio looks an inspiring place to work in, it’s great having all your favourite things around you too. I’ve a reasonable sized sewing room now but I’ve had some so small they were basically a walk in cupboard, but it didn’t matter, it was my space 🙂

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  3. i love peeking into other’s spaces ~ yours is very welcoming. Those quilts your friends made are beautiful. And isn’t is amazing how much stuff you can fit into a small space!

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    1. Thanks for peeking, I appreciate your comments! I love having those quilts up on my wall (much better than when I had them folded or put away). I just have to try not to cram too much more into the space 🙂

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  4. THanks for sharing. It’s fun to see other people’s spaces. Some time I need to read Virginia Woolf’s essay on “A Room of Her Own.” We need both physical and mental space to exercise our creativity, but aside from space, I think we all have different ideas of what it should look like and how it should function.

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  5. I want a studio. But photos and instruments. After a long hard day of work, want to come home to a studio where I can be alone to create and be one with . . . well, I don’t know what i will be one with, but it would still be nice to have my own studio.

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