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End of the Season Musings

This is sort of a follow up to the 10/21/18 post Creative Inspiration: Sunflowers!. but it really about the end of the “warm” seasons in Central Oregon (late Spring, Summer and early to mid Autumn) and the heralding of the Winter (aka cold) season.

A couple days ago on my daily walk I snapped this photo of the Giant Sunflower that I posted about in the Creative Inspiration: Sunflowers!ย post.

Here is what is looked like in September:


Here is what it looked like in Black & White in September:


Here is what it looks like now in November:


And here is what it looks like now, in Black & White:


I seems like Black & White is the right palette for the now stark and shriveled previously gorgeous sunflower.

It appears that all the sunflower seeds are gone from the sunflower head and I am not sure why the homeowners are letting it sit there to decay.

The decay reminds that Winter is coming…

There are many good things about Winter and Winter is important to the Central Oregon ecosystem and to our economy (we have Mount Bachelor which brings in the skiers and other Winter sport enthusiasts). Winter is also a great time for reading, nesting, crafting, reflecting, and the Winter holiday.

But today I am sort of wistful for the beauty of the other seasons and grieving the end of the tremendous beauty of Autumn in Central Oregon (see post Creative Inspiration: Fallย Colors).

Right now all the leaves have fallen and everything looks stark, bare and dried out. I think the landscape will get more appealing once the snow falls and a lovely blanket of white covers the stark ground.

32 thoughts on “End of the Season Musings”

  1. Wow, that sunflower was enormous! In the colour photo it looks like there might be a good few seeds left in it (the greyer patch) so I reckon the birds will be grateful for it as the weather gets colder! I’ve been enjoying the last of our autumn colours over here too, but a few breezy days have left the trees looking a bit bare. Stay toasty, Tierney! ๐Ÿ˜

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    1. It was as they say “gianormous”! I think you are right – there are a few seeds left. I looked at it again as I walked by and that is likely why my neighbors have not pulled it up/cut it down – let the birds get all they can ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. It’s remarkable how, year after year, the seasons move us. Where I live summer is on its way and plants are sprouting. There are some self-seeded baby sunflowers in my garden from last year’s crop, so maybe a stray seed or two from that decaying giant sunflower will surprise you next spring with a new, bright plant.

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    1. I know, if I was a poet like you I would have written a poem about how I feel, but alas I only have my prose to try and describe ๐Ÿ™‚
      I hope a stray seed from the giant sunflower finds its way to the ground to give another wonderful bloom to the neighborhood next year!

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  3. Enjoy the change. I live in the subtropics and we don’t really get seasons. We have a colder time of year and a warmer time of year but nothing you would really call spring or autumn. Things bloom when it rains, regardless of the time of year.

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    1. Thanks and I do appreciate the seasons, though the subtropics sounds appealing right now (the grass is always greener…so they saying goes!) Thanks for stopping by and commenting ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I’m also grieving the end of the “warm” seasons” and the beautiful Fall colors. We still have some color, but most of it is laying in yards! However, the temperatures are dropping quickly and it won’t be long until colder weather settles in.

    I also think snow and ice are beautiful as long as people don’t have to be out in it! I know I don’t do “cold” as well as I used to.

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  5. I still can’t understand why anyone likes fall – no more warm days, lots of rains and clouds, the long nights that seem to start about 3pm, the muck and decay. Blech. At least winter feels crisp and often brings bright skies. Here’s looking forward to the winter solstice when the daylight starts returning!!

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    1. Hello there – as you might see in my latest post I’ve been traveling a lot and finally I am catching up on comments. Thanks for your comments and I am focusing on “winter’s delights” ๐Ÿ™‚

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