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Creative Inspiration: Sunflowers!

Today I am continuing my series of posts on sources of Creative Inspiration and sharing some of the zillion (yes “zillion”) images I took in late Summer and early Fall of blooming sunflowers.

Sunflowers Make Me Happy

I am absolutely obsessed with sunflowers, I even have a sunflower themed quilt. I’ve added a new category to my blog, Sunflowers! , in case you’d like to look at my previous posts related to sunflowers.

Sunflowers are more than just creative inspiration – they just make me happy in general, I am not sure exactly why, but they do! The sunroom in my house is decorated with sunflowers including this corner which has a wonderful faux sunflower plant from my dear friend Michele:


Did you notice the little sunflower tea set in the above photo, yup, I am obsessed!

My Favorites From This Sunflower Season

Well I would blow out my WordPress photo storage allotment if I posted all the photos I took of sunflowers during their 2018 Central Oregon season (late August to early October) and that would be silly especially after I posted tips on how to manage your WordPress photo allotment last month (see post WordPress Image (Photo) Management)!

So here are some of my favorite images from all the images I took.

2018-08-21_10-36-07_3352018-09-13_12-36-16_9042018-09-15_11-15-53_2452018-09-20_08-46-45_5692018-09-20_08-46-53_343In my neighborhood we also had the “Mother of All Sunflowers” – a serious Giant Sunflower with at least a 12 inch (30.5 cm) diameter (I bet it was even wider):

2018-08-22_09-31-14_9772018-08-22_09-31-23_518I became completely obsessed with it and I will not tell you how many photos I took of it (daily at times as I passed it on my walk every morning). I also photographed it in Black & White:

2018-08-22_09-31-41_234.jpegI also started photographing other sunflowers in B&W in full bloom as well as when they were wilting:

2018-08-29_10-00-26_6712018-09-01_11-36-04_2842018-09-01_11-36-14_993Smartphone cameras are a dangerous thing, eh?

Let me close this post with one of my favorite sunflower related quotes from one of my favorite inspirational people, Helen Keller. I remember reading her book The Story of My Life as a pre-teen and being blown away by her courage (and her amazing teacher Anne Sullivan who believed in her and taught her to communicate).

Keep your face to the Sunshine and you cannot see the Shadow. It’s what Sunflowers do. – Helen Keller

Photo by Todd Trapani on Unsplash

34 thoughts on “Creative Inspiration: Sunflowers!”

  1. 👏🏻 love this post! Sunflowers are my favorite flower. Especially in the fall. I just saw some purple tinted ones in the grocery store floral department I’d like to grab for my dining table. Your pics make me happy!

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  2. Your post is perfect timing for me. I have designed a quilt with sunflowers in a vase and needed leaf inspiration. Look for the class in the Spring. I think you would have fun with it. I will send you a photo when it is finished. Thanks!

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  3. I’ve never seen a huge field of sunflowers except in pictures. They are amazing plants. There was something going around Facebook awhile back about how a woman recorded sound (vibrations) from sunflowers. There was an audio file with it and it sounded like beautiful music.

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  4. I do love a sunflower as well; it’s impossible to feel anything but cheer and sunniness around them. The sunflower tea set is adorable and so unique – I have never seen anything like it. 🙂

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    1. Continuous joy! Thanks so much – you never know when what you think is a little gift will provide a long time enjoyment (plus having you as a friend all these years is awesome too) 🙂


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