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What’s On the Design Wall: Tula in a Box

First I’d like to apologize for any less than stellar photography. My design wall is in a narrow hallway in my home and I can only photograph it from an angle.

Now that you have that disclaimer and you have lowered your expectations on the quality of the photography on this post, I can continue my series of posts “What’s on the Design Wall”, featuring my latest project up on either one of the small design walls in my studio or the large design wall my hallway.

Up on my large design wall are thirty-six (36) 12.5 inch x 12.5 inch blocks for my quilt I am calling Tula in a Box


I have Terry the Quilting Husband (TTQH) to thank for arranging the blocks on the design wall. I had looked at them so many times I did not know where to start in laying out the quilt blocks on the design wall!

There is a bit of story behind this quilt if you are new to my blog. You can check out my series of posts Tula Time! if you want to check out the back story.

The quilt did begin as an impulse purchase of Tula Pink Allstar fabric fat quarter packs (feature fabrics, stripes, solids, and dots) after seeing my friend Dana’s collection at a quilt retreat:


I’ve now made quite a dent in that stack above while piecing the 36 blocks.

My  next step is to create the lattice and cornerstones from this pile (fat quarter collection of the stripes, and scraps from the feature fabric);


I am going to “fussy cut” the scraps of the feature fabric (the 6 different animal prints in 3 different color ways) for the cornerstone between the lattice.

More to come as it progresses, for now I am just so happy to have finished the 36 blocks!


My friend Dana who started my Tula Pink fabric obsession, has made great progress on her quilt which is made of pieced stars with the same collection of fat quarters from the Tula Pink All Stars line.

Here quilt got too big for the design wall so she has it laid out on a bed in her studio (every maker/crafter needs a bed in their studio in case they suddenly need a nap while creating, right?).


She is working on figuring out what to do for a border around the blocks.

Our friend Judy who is also making a Tula Pink quilt, is still working on piecing her 36 blocks.

As I mentioned earlier, if you are new to this blog and would like to know the story behind our quilts, check out the series of posts – Tula Time! (this link contains all the posts tagged as related to Tula Pink fabrics, you will have to scroll through the posts to see the other posts).


34 thoughts on “What’s On the Design Wall: Tula in a Box”

  1. I love the Tula in a Box quilt! So colorful. I also really like your real-world studio set up, like your design walls in the hallway. I work in a pretty small space, too, and I enjoy seeing how other folks make do with the space they have.

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    1. Thanks so much! Eventually I will have to decide if I want a border and then what to do for the back, but one step at at time I have to remind myself. Yes I am into “whole house crafting” 🙂


  2. What a happy quilt — whoever sleeps under it when it is finished is going to have very sweet dreams. Can’t wait to see what you do with those gorgeous stripes for the lattice. And what a clever idea to get TQH to arrange one’s blocks. I wish my workroom was big enough for a bed!

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    1. Awwww thanks so much! Yes my Dana has an amazing workroom/studio – it takes up a large part of the upstairs of her home. She could hold quilt retreats in it! I have a tiny room with no room for a bed but I am very grateful to have my own crafting space.


    1. I checked it out and the Tula Time link takes you to all the posts flagged with the category Tula Time to included the current post. If you keep scrolling down after you click the link you will see it is a whole bunch of posts 😀

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