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Tula in a Box

Follow up on my post earlier this week on the quilt, I am working on Tula in a Box – What’s On the Design Wall: Tula in a Box. This quilt is my own design and it is inspired by the colorful fabrics in Tula Pink’s All Stars fabric collection.

After completing thirty-six (36) 12.5″ x 12.5″ blocks, and having Terry the Quilting Husband (TTQH) lay them out on my large design wall in my hallway, it was time to cut the fat quarter collection of stripes from the Tula Pink All Stars fabric collection for the 2 inch lattice between the blocks:


It was a lot of cutting (like endless cutting), but finally I got a “pile-o-stripes” cut:


Then it was time to abuse…um, I mean enlist the help of TTQH again and ask him to lay out the lattice on the design wall:


He is a very nice and patient husband!

As I mentioned in the post earlier this week, my hallway is narrow and I can only take photos at an angle, but here is what the design wall looked like after TTQH laid out the stripes for the lattice:


After TTQH laid out the lattice, I cut 2″ x 2″ squares from the feature fabrics for the cornerstones between the lattice. For now I have them set on the edge of the design wall (TTQH’s idea) to pull them as I sew the lattice and blocks together:


It is certainly going to be a colorful quilt!

As I get it sewn together, I will probably move it from the “design wall” to the “design bed” so I can share better photos of it.

I have a lot of scraps leftover from the Tula Pink All Stars fabric fat quarters collection I made the quilt from. I organized the scraps in smaller bags into dots, stripes, solid and feature fabrics (the Tula Pink animal prints) and then into a large bag.


Some I of the scraps might use for the binding but I have enough to make at least a small lap quilt!


It has been very cold in Central Oregon. TTQH took Mike the miniature schnauzer coat shopping the other day and TTQH thought I should share with you all Mike in his new coat to close out this post:


After TTQH and Mike returned home from coat shopping, I realized I could have made Mike a coat myself as it was a simple design. But then Mike would have likely had to wait until Winter was fully here by the time I got the coat made…


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  1. Wow, this quilt looks nice and big, perfect for snuggling! It’s beautiful and I must say, TTQH is a trooper for pitching in! Now about Mike, it appears he was not interested in having his picture taken, or maybe he thinks the coat really doesn’t complement his dark brown eyes? Either way, he is a cutie pie!

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    1. Thanks and he is a trooper! He has not worked on any of his own quilts lately but he does not mind helping me on mine. He was even going to help me sew it together that would be total TTQH abuse – ha!
      Mike does not like when I pull out the iphone camera! 🙂


    1. Thanks so much and he is also much warmer too! I love the fabric too though it is not something I would normally ever work with. It has been fun being so colorful (like a rainbow exploded, ha!) 🙂


  2. I liked your layout without the sashing but I like it just as much with it. It is going to be so very cheerful. I laughed when I saw the dog coat…immediately thought he needs a Tula jacket!

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  3. The quilt is stunning! I can’t wait to see it finished. TTQH is fantastic, and certainly has a knack for laying out quilts. He’s a keeper! 😀 Mike looks snug and warm in his new coat, but I keep thinking that he would look amazing in a Tula scrap coat! Perhaps there will be one lot two leftover blocks for Mike?

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  4. I LOVE how this is coming out Tierney! I am excited to see how the cornerstones look in it too! Terry was brilliant to think about just picking them off the wall as you go! Ha! Ha! I would have been pinning them in place! 🙂

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