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Apartment Quilt Tour

As many of you know who have followed my blog for a while, in December 2018 my husband, my life-partner, and best friend who was also known on this blog as “Terry the Quilting Husband” (he was a quilter also) suddenly and unexpectedly passed.

Shortly after his passing I made the big life decision to relocate and a couple of weeks ago I moved (along with Mike my Miniature Schnauzer) from Central Oregon to the greater Denver metro area to start my new life.

Another major life change that occurred at the time of this move was to move from a house into an apartment. I’ve not lived in an apartment since I was in nursing school. Wait, I take that back, Terry and I did live in an apartment for a year when we first moved to Houston, Texas while he was in the military but as soon as we could we bought a house.

But that was still back in my 20s. And I am a wee bit older now than 20 – ha! Let’s just say I’ve lived in houses significantly longer than I lived in apartments.

I’m considering “apartment living” a year experiment. I did sign a year’s lease and during my year in the apartment I can decide what will be next in my living situation. I might buy a house on my own, I might stay in my apartment, I might rent a house instead of an apartment. We’ll see! (Your guess is as good as mine at this point).

I am rambling and you are probably waiting for the quilt tour that I promised. Let me just continue with a tiny bit more introduction to the tour.

To make my new apartment feel homey, I decorated it with many of the quilts I had on my walls at my house. As my apartment is smaller than my house, it might appear to some that I have an “intense concentration of quilts” on my walls and strewn about the house. I say “get over it, it makes me happy!”

So finally, here is the Apartment Quilt Tour:



The wood piece to the left of the quilt pictured above, was made by my friend Cody G. out of recycled pallet wood. What is extra cool about this piece, besides it is a lovely gift from a friend, is that he had no idea of the colors in the quilt next to it. He just took a guess on a palette that would work with the pallet piece (yes, you likely guessed I had to Google the spelling of palette as in a color palette vs. the spelling of wooden pallet – English is so complicated!)

In addition to quilts, I have some handmade small items in my entryway – one of my miniature kimonos and a collection of my miniature pillows. I used to sell these on my now closed tierneycreates Etsy shop.



On the way into the kitchen and in my home office area (I am a telecommuter), I have a couple quilts hung:



In the small dining area attached to the kitchen I have a quilted wallhanging:



There are layers of quilts in the living room as well as a couple on the wall.


The quilt pictured above was the first quilt that I had in book. Several of the blocks were featured in the book 1000 Quilting Inspirations by Sandra  Sider, along with several of my first recycled silk art quilts.



I discovered something very exciting: the Sunflower quilt wallhanging I thought I had accidentally donated to a Central Oregon charity thrift shop was actually just packed away in a strange place. When I finally full unpacked I found it! So I put it up using Command Strips on the door to my bedroom!


I have what some might consider a ridiculous amount of quilts up on the wall of my bedroom, but them make me happy!


Oh I should mention – you might gasp that some of the quilts are not hung properly. Some have wooden hangers (which use a marble inside to hold the quilt in place), while some are hung up with…gasp…thumb tacks!

Do not worry, the thumb tack hangings are only temporary, I just wanted to make sure I liked where they were hung before I mounted the wooden hangers.

And finally the space I’ve shared already in a previous post – the guest room/studio.



In addition to quilts I’ve made, I also have some special quilts that friends have made up on the walls. I completely forgot to photographed those for this post, but I figured I have shown you enough quilts up on my wall for now (smile).

39 thoughts on “Apartment Quilt Tour”

  1. I am sorry for your loss. You are a brave Lady to make the move quickly, but it is best.
    Enjoy reading your posts and your Dog is so cute!

    Have a great day and enjoy your new home. Temporary or not!

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  2. I love your decorating with quilts scheme–just what makes a quilter’s heart sing. Ooops, almost poetic. Being a cat lady, my biggest concern about your apartment living is Mike’s potty needs. You’re athletic enough to do the stairs thing, but how far do you have to go? And like you said, what about when it’s snowing? Cats have indoor litter boxes, so weather is not a concern. Can a dog adapt to a pee pad or area inside? This is kinda nosey, but just worrying.

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    1. Thanks Martha and I am taking Mike out several times a day and it is working. I live on a 3rd floor apartment with easy access to stairs and an elevator (which Mike seems to like). So it is working so far. But likely we will find a different housing arrangement when my lease is up 🙂


  3. Surrounding yourself with what you love sounds great to me.😁🌹🌹🌹🌹. Just another hanging option, I use track ceiling and walls hangers, because I’m always changing my quilts as wall art too.

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  4. Your apartment (walls) is beautiful and your quilting is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing. By the way, I was watching Art Beat the other night and heard a woman sing that certainly must be your soul mate- however trite that sounds. Her name is Liz Vice.
    I hear her singing when I see your quilts.
    You can find her on You Tube, if you haven’t already.

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  5. LOVE the decorating with quilts! You apartment looks so homey! Also I’m sure the quilts make you feel more at home already. Glad to hear that Mike is adjusting to apartment living too! Still praying. You got this!

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  6. You have a wonderful collection of quilts, it will make your flat feel like home straight away! Ifg I have to pick a favourite, it would still be the tree quilt in your bedroom, it’s so peaceful 🙂

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  7. Wow I mean Wow!!!!! Being a quilter I know how many hours are on your walls! I swear it looks like a wonderful quilt show and if I walked into your place, I would be studying your walls! You are a fabulous quilter!

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  8. Awesome! Your apartment is a wonderful world of quilts. I’m so happy for you and that you and Mike are settling in.
    Apartments definitely have their pros, I lived in an apartment for 15 years and loved that I never had to worry about maintenance or replacing stuff like the fridge.


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