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Cabo San Lucas in Black and White

In the middle of February, before the reality of global pandemic became something we would be discussing in our daily conversations, my partner and I went on vacation to Cabo San Lucas.

In my next post I will share stories from our “relaxation vacation experiment” but for this post I will just share some of the photos I took in black & white to continue my ongoing series Life in B&W, in which I pretend I am a photographer (smile).



31 thoughts on “Cabo San Lucas in Black and White”

    1. Thank you and a lot of the photos I also have the color version and it looks and feels totally different! You are right you get so much different detail with black and white photos 🙂

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  1. I don’t think of colorful Mexico in terms of b&w photography…taking the color away shows a different perspective – especially highlighting the textures! That said, the second to last photo with the ‘macrame’ type light covers really pops out for me. So glad you were able to go and now refresh yourself with the memories.

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