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An Interesting Find…

I currently have “Corona-virus Blues”, what about you? I was scheduled to go next week to a very exciting conference in Nashville, Tennessee with many fun events, but my employer cancelled all business/corporate travel for the next several weeks because of the virus outbreak.

Even though I am bummed, in the big picture this is not such a big issue as there are many people impacted on a greater scale. My heart goes out to those who are currently infected and recovering as well as to the families of those who’ve loss loved ones due to this outbreak.

And now onto lighter topics such as the awesome find I recently made at a local thrift shop.

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything in my category/series of blog posts Thrift Shop Adventures. I have not done as much thrifting as I used to do in Central Oregon since moving to the Denver metro area in April 2019. I do miss the awesome Humane Society of Central Oregon Thrift Store, where I discovered many delights, such as this find such as the one I mention in this November 2018 post – Awesome $2 Thrift Shop Find.

All these high end designer fabric samples for $2 from the Humane Society Thrift Shop!

Although it does not replace my beloved Humane Society Thrift Shop, I have discovered a fairly wonderful thrift shop in downtown Denver – Goodwill Denver– Broadway.

Last weekend, while browsing, I stumbled upon an amazing find – all this fabric marked at $12, which I got for 30% off $12 because of the tag color sale (Goodwill does a daily tag color discount that varies from day to day):

2020-03-02_17-53-59_481Inside this bag was a large collection of fabrics by a company called Boundless Fabrics which appears to be primarily sold by Bluprint (formerly known as Craftsy).

2020-03-02_17-47-32_363The package included yardage, precuts (charm squares and fat quarters), a panel (a Moda Fabrics panel) and some odd size fabric scraps.

2020-03-02_17-49-32_9772020-03-02_17-50-17_3572020-03-02_17-53-01_991The pictures above do not do the package as there is enough fabric for several quilts (there are at least 10+ yards of fabric among the yardage).

The fabrics could not be used in one quilt (unless you liked an eclectic mix of styles and patterns) but they could be used for several different quilts.

I looked up reviews on Boundless Fabrics and they higher than the quality of fabrics sold at JOANN Fabrics and Craft Store but slightly below the quality of those sold at quilt shops. But for 30% of $12 (oh please do not make me do the math, ha!) they were not a bad deal!

In case you are wondering I have absolutely no idea of what I am going to do with them, but I put them away for now (smile).


Continuing with the theme of “interesting finds”…

For those of you who’ve been blogging for a while – do you remember when you were a new blogger? Remember trying to build your audience? I did it by following other blogs and commenting on posts.

Photo by davide ragusa on Unsplash

Over the years (I’ve been blogging nearly 7 years) I’ve met a bunch of cool blogging buddies and regularly follow their blogs.

I noticed that many of us, especially those of us who are crafters, follow the same blogs and it fun to see for example Mary @zippyquilts commenting on a post by Chela @chela’s colchas y mas who just commenting on a post by Mariss @fabrications who had a comment from Laura who had commented also on  the blogs I just mentioned!

You get a real sense of community. (And there are many more bloggers in our community, like Claudia @claudiamcgillart, but I just listed a few as an example.)

Well I would like to occasionally introduce/suggest a new member to our crafter blogging community – an interesting blog find I discovered through this blogger commented on my posts:

Sleepy Beagle 


Check out this interesting crafter blog if you get a chance and perhaps become a follower and make her part of our community. Her crafting and crafter’s life posts are well written, informative and engaging! This blog is an “Interesting Find”!

51 thoughts on “An Interesting Find…”

  1. What a huge bag of fun for you! And at 30% off, that would be $8.40 (sorry, my brain automatically “maths” when it comes to discounts). My local thrift shop has a half-off sale every Wednesday and I’m planning a trip this week.

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  2. I use Boundless fabric. It seems like good quality to me. And I do like to find familiar people in the comment section of the blog I follow. That is how I found a lot of them!

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  3. You are the best find of all Tierney. Thank you for opening up the blogging world for me. It was indeed a lucky day when I stumbled on your blog and hit the “follow” button.
    There are some beautiful quilts-to-be (QTBs) in that thrift shop find

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  4. I have used bouddless fabrics and they quilted up very nicely. Thanks for blogging. It is my favourite social media platform for all things quilty. I know it must take a lot of time but I appreciate it.

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  5. Your thrift shop finds are so interesting. A friend gave me boxes of his high-end fabric samples that I have been gradually using/discarding/repurposing, trying to accept the fact that I can’t use all of this unique stuff. The drama and interior design students at USM were happy to lighten my load, though, which made me feel happy.
    Bummer about Nashville cancellation. I have Grand Canyon trip reservations for this week that I’m still conflicted over–what to do??!!

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  6. love what looks like rayon cloth with the scene of the village/house…that would make an interesting cushion or a grouped lot of pictures of course quilted on other cloth.

    sometimes we find the “best finds” but usually one has to dig down deep…

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  7. Excellent thrift find. I seem to buy more men’s dress shirts and cur them apart to create all sorts of other things. Good for us and the universe. 🙂


  8. Thanks for the shout out. I have made a few of the Craftsy kits with the boundless fabric and they have turned out great. I can’t wait to see what you create.

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  9. Great finds, Tierney. There are some treasures in there, and you will do interesting things with them….one day. Hmmm, I wonder if my local op shop/thrift shop takes material off cuts. It would be e good way to pass on some that I have and will probably not use.
    It’s a lovely idea to introduce use to other bloggers. Our bloggy world is great, and so supportive. Like you I love to see friends pop up on other blogs, as well as meeting new folk.

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    1. Thanks Anna for your comments and I am glad you are one of my talented blogging buddies! Yes that would be quite lovely if you could share your material off cuts with your local thrift shop. Just imagine – some crafter would discover a lovely surprise while blogging like I did! 🙂


  10. You are great at finding things and actually doing something with them! I find but then ‘store’ mostly – ha ha – I am thinking if someone had to describe me if I went missing they’d say ‘mother of one, hoarder’ … And thanks for the sleepybeagle recommendation – she has one new follower in me.

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  11. What an awesome find at Goodwill! I’ve purchased Boundless fabrics and really like using them. I understand your Coronavirus blues – I have a trip to Asheville scheduled at the end of this month to see the Downton Abbey exhibit at Biltmore – I’m hoping we don’t have to cancel 😦

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    1. Oh that makes me happy, I am hearing good things about these fabrics so I think I really scored at the thrift store! That is going to be awesome to see the DA Exhibit – I am envious! I bet they will have a whole thing on the marvelous costumes! Fingers crossed you can still go (and you better do a blog post about it 🙂 )

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      1. Unfortunately my plans have been cancelled…ugh! Biltmore is closing all ‘indoor’ areas but they are still allowing folks into the gardens. I’ve seen all that before so I guess Carole’s post about the exhibit will just have to be enough :-/


  12. I work in a middle school. We have not had any corona cases in my part of NY, but I am sure it is just a matter of time.
    You made out like a bandit with all that fabric! I love meeting people via my blog. I love seeing familiar faces in the comment section.

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  13. What an unusual array of fabrics! The possibilities are endless. Re:blogging I’ve been following you for so long that I don’t remember how we got connected. What matters is that we found each other and that I find so much inspiration from your blog. Have a wonderful day!

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  14. I’ve always been a thrift store shopper. I love rustic previously used tables and chairs, I’ve found some of the greatest brand name – never even worn- clothing, and many other fun surprises. Glad you get it.

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    1. I am glad you enjoy thrifting also – it is so amazing what you can find! I love that you found all those great clothing deals – my sister is the same way – she is an amazing dresser and buys all her clothes second hand! When she tires of an outfit she just donates it back!


  15. Your fabric finds are amazing! I took a close look at the recent one, and there are some scrumptious reproductions from the 1840-1880 time period. You lucky woman! You will find wonderful places to use the reds and blacks and all the terrific colors in that group! I like thrifting, too, but we don’t have good shops for finding fabric. I did find a FW machine table – the old card table style – a few years back, and for that, I can forgive them for not ever having anything interesting again!


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