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And on the 8th Day…Part II

I am continuing my series of posts to celebrate my one year anniversary of living in Colorado by sharing some of the natural geologic beauty I’ve witnessed over the past year as I explore Colorado. Here is the link to the first post in this series if you missed it – And on the 8th Day…Part I. This post also explains the title of this series of posts.

I meant to continue this series yesterday, on April 19th the actual anniversary, but I got distracted by the endless trimming of half square triangles (No Scrap Left Behind (half square triangle craziness)), so I have a good excuse. No worries (in case you’ve been losing sleep wondering how I am progressing on my latest scrappy quilt) I will update you on this piece in a future post, but for now here is a photo of my growing piles of trimmed half square triangles:


Eldorado Canyon State Park

Eldorado Canyon State Park is one of those hidden gems in Colorado that no one talks about except the native/locals. Luckily my partner John is a Colorado native and knows all the great places to hike. We spent the day there with Mike our miniature schnauzer in September 2019.

2019-09-14_10-15-30_843Here is the description of this spectacular park from the Colorado State Park’s website:

Eldorado Canyon is a hidden treasure right in Boulder’s backyard!  Whether it’s hiking amidst the towering sandstone cliffs, picnicking along scenic South Boulder Creek or climbing Eldo’s sheer golden walls, Eldorado Canyon State Park truly has something for everyone!  Discover this hidden jewel and take home memories that will last a lifetime.

Well, like the description above says, I did “take home memories that will last a lifetime” and I took WAY TOO MANY photos!

In preparing for this post, I poured over hundreds of photos from my visit to decide which ones to share. I am only going to share my absolute favorites (smile).

In the Rapids

One of my favorite memories of the day is climbing out to the rocks in the middle of river (or creek?) that runs through the park and being in the middle of the rapids (well it was not that turbulent) and having a little picnic.

00000IMG_00000_BURST20190914105921438_COVER00000IMG_00000_BURST20190914105223598_COVER2019-09-14_10-44-33_94700100lPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190914104452147_COVERMy partner John, who took the photos, had to precariously hand me Mike once I got myself safely positions on the rocks in the middle of the water.

My favorite photo from this moment is selfie I took of Mike and I where it looks like Mike is saying: “My human is kind of crazy for bringing me out to this rock in the middle of rapidly moving water!”


Wandering About the Canyon

I only had to select from 20+ photos to provide those photos above. I won’t tell you the obscene amount of photos I had to select from for these next set of photos. Everything was so beautiful and awe-inspiring as we hiked about the canyon.

Here are some of my favorite photos (because I do not want to blow out my blog page image storage allowance, ha!).

2019-09-14_10-29-20_4172019-09-14_11-15-25_296IMG_20190914_110723MVIMG_20190914_113405MVIMG_20190914_114416IMG_20190914_113116All I can say is that these images do not do the beauty of this place justice.

The sky was clear blue and although it was a Saturday in September there we not very many fellow hikers there. At times it felt like we had the whole amazing place to ourselves!

Traveling in Style

As some of the hike involved a bit of easy rock climbing to get around, we decided we would carry Mike in his backpack most of the hike for safety. Here he is traveling in style (we took turns carrying him vs. our day hike pack) and John carried him most of the time.


The Black and Whites

Of course I took B&W photos during the hike? Would you expect any less of me?!?! (If you are new to this blog you can check out my series of posts – Life in B&W).

Here are some of my favorites as I channeled my inner Ansel Adams

2019-09-14_10-29-51_3122019-09-14_10-35-58_0672019-09-14_11-08-35_1902019-09-14_11-10-53_2052019-09-14_11-31-28_175And to close out this post, here is me, feeling quite happy and blessed to be a on a beautiful hike, on a beautiful day, in the beautiful state of Colorado!


30 thoughts on “And on the 8th Day…Part II”

  1. I loved the pictures, Tierney. And do agree that Mike looks a little puzzled about why he is above that noisy moving water! So cute. You and John have a good eye for photography. The Ansel Adams variety are beautiful, but colored are still my favorites.

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  2. Oh my! The dog in the backpack? Literally too cute! I really must get our family to visit Colorado; it’s stunning. I particularly like your sun-striped photo and the black and white ones. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. You have such an eye for photography. I love the one with you and Mike sitting near the water. I am most at peace by moving water. The photo of your husband with Mike in his backpack is so dear.

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  4. Wow. What a beautiful place. And I love the BW photos. They emphasize the ruggedness and the geometry of the mountains. I also like the look of the creek-river. Makes me want to throw a stick in it and watch it go downstream, dodging all the rocks.

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  5. Senior year in High School sometime in May, we took off one day – yep a school day – to go tubing along Eldorado Canyon…I thought it’d be ‘easier’ than Boulder Canyon…boy was I wrong!!!
    Many buddies learned mountain climbing there and up the Canyon (Bldr)…me? Not so good at all that – but went with as moral support.
    Great memories of home…glad your partner can show you parts ot the ‘real’ CO that are getting harder and harder to find…
    Happiness to you.

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  6. There can be no doubt: you made the right choice in moving there! I have very fond memories of Burien and Whidbey Island, but you are surrounded by amazing beauty! Thank you for sharing these pictures 🙂

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  7. Awwww, hi Tierney. What an amazing post. Love the sunlight kissed photos of you, rocks, natural splender and of course the little sweet pooch. REally cheered me up this morning. one day I will visit. Just yesterday my Husanbad said we need to move there. I love my own Florida, but I can’t wait to explore your state also


  8. Have to say, I envy you! Love the photos and found my body relaxing just looking at your wonderful photography. I remember when my husband and I were visiting my daughter in Arizona in February, we visited Apache Junction and started up the Apache Trail. (There was a wash out further up and no one was allowed to go beyond that. We had driven it a couple years ago, so were disappointed, but happy we had already experienced it.)
    Along the way, we stopped for breathtaking views and hiked to the top of some small mountains. Every time I took a picture, I would think – Wow, I really lost the depth there. So hard to capture!
    Your photos are beautiful, but I bet being there went way beyond! Thanks for sharing!


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