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A Drawstring-bagalicious Retreat, Part II

Good Morning and here is part two of my story of the “Drawstring-bagalicious Retreat” I attended August 9 – 12, 2021 with my Washington based friends Judy and Dana. In Part I (A Drawstring-bagalicious Retreat, Part I) I shared that what began as a “bring your own project to work on quilting retreat” turned into a “let’s just make drawstring bags for 3 days obsession”!

We did do other things than make drawstring bags during our stay at the Riptide Retreat on the waterfront/beach in Shelton, Washington.


It was cluttered at times (this is what happens when you get a bunch of crafters together) but here are some scenes from the quilt retreat center (including while creativity was in progress):

In addition to the upstairs and its deck overlooking the water, the retreat center also had a downstairs with a cozy seating area, additional beds, and access to the downstairs deck.

There were only three of us at the retreat so we had plenty of space (the Riptide Retreat is set up for up to 10 attendees). Judy and Dana took the upstairs bedroom and I had the downstairs to myself – I had my own apartment! I would wake up each morning and look out on the water – it was pretty yummylicious (another fake English word like “bagalicious”, ha).


One of the challenges of being at the Riptide Retreat (okay it was the only challenge) was not getting distracted by the gorgeous views. We keep being lured outside to sit on the upper deck and look at the water, instead of working on our drawstring bags.

I sat outside each morning with my tea and when I was not too distracted with the quiet peaceful views I worked on a blog post or two.


The owners of the Riptide Retreat also own Annie’s Quilt Shoppe a very reasonably priced quilt shop in Shelton, Washington. We got a discount on some items because we were staying at their retreat center.

All I can say is we might have visited this shop more than once during the retreat!

During one of our visits to this quilt shop (oops I just gave our secret away) I discovered that there is actually a National Sew A Jelly Roll Day on Sept 18, 2021. So quilters get your jelly rolls ready to participate – ha!


The three of us are pretty laid back when it comes to our food selections and when we eat, so we had whatever/foraging for breakfast each morning among what Judy and Dana brought (I didn’t have to bring any food since I flew to the retreat). For lunches and dinners we either ate out, ate leftovers, or Judy/Dana made a wonderful meal.

We discovered this wonderful sort of “hole in the wall” place in downtown Shelton which was actually an awesome (and super delicious) family run eatery – T’s Cafe. There I discovered the most scrumptious meatball sub on the planet:

We enjoyed dining “al fresco” on the upper deck of the retreat for several meals:

And yes, those are homemade frozen margaritas in our glasses (and I am happy to report all three of us are of legal drinking age, ha!).


From the downstairs deck you can walk down another level to the beach along the water. I had a nice solo walk and with my friends on the beach.


I think some people consider a quilt retreat (or a drawstring bag retreat, ha) time to get all those projects done you could not get done at home. Well we consider a quilt retreat time to actually “retreat” from the busy world and do some relaxing.

We spent a lot of time on the upper deck reading, blogging, playing iPad games, walks around the neighborhood, catching up with each other, and watching boats go by on the canal.

Sometimes I forget just how beautiful the Pacific NW is (and I lived there for over 20 years between Washington and Oregon) until I visit it again.

27 thoughts on “A Drawstring-bagalicious Retreat, Part II”

  1. hahaha a the challenge of not getting distracted by the views still brings a smile
    and how fun the trip evolved into the three days of bags like that
    – and again – what a cool location

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  2. I noticed the work tables were set up with chairs where quilters backs are facing the lovely picture windows!!!
    What a fantastic retreat area, Tierney. You always seem to find and participate in the ***best*** places!

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  3. Tonight I finished reading your shop hop posts, and then I read both of these retreat posts — as usual after reading your posts, I feel like I have had a mini-vacation myself; you always put in such good details!

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  4. What a wonderful getaway! Lovely place and it sounds like you and your friends organized a really wonderful few days away together πŸ™‚ Good for you taking time to relax and enjoy your lovely surroundings as well as doing some sewing!

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  5. Wow. The pictures tell your story. It looks so beautiful and what a haven for a few days to be with your sweet friends and relax. I loved all the reflections in your photos. I am looking forward to fall, cool weather and a new season to reflect on how grateful I am in the moment. Thank you for sharing your time with us.

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  6. Tierney, as I started reading and you mentioned the tables were cluttered, I said to myself, there is an awful lot of table top showing – that’s not cluttered. Then later further down, there you are saying that you all did a lot of relaxing…so that’s why the table tops had so much “white space” – looks like a great venue…

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