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Austin, Texas in Black and White

This post is my photographic travelogue of my recent trip to Austin, Texas.

I’d just returned from New York City when I turned around and went with my partner John to visit his son who recently moved to Austin, Texas. It was a quick 3 day trip and it was my first return to Austin, Texas since I used to live in Texas over 25 years ago.

I love taking photos when I travel and Austin lended itself (at least in my mind) to Black & White photography with my camera phone. Here are a sampling of my photos from my trip to Austin, Texas.

I had a wonderful time in Austin, Texas and I had the best beef brisket I’ve ever had in my life at the Rolling Smoke BBQ food truck. I also saw my first Lone Star Beer chandelier (see 2nd photo), a sight I can never “un-see” (smile)!

I remember moving from New York to Texas so many years ago when my late husband was in the military and having complete culture shock as a New Yorker. But I adapted and met many great friends; and now having lived in 5 states around the country it is easier to acculturate when moving (but I have no plans to leave Colorado).

That is it for traveling for now, am currently “travel out” and have a bit of traveling fatigue. It is good to just be home for a while!

24 thoughts on “Austin, Texas in Black and White”

  1. I love the black and whites. I buddy of mine I worked with, retired around the same time I did, and is pursuing photography as a hobby. These pictures reminded me of some of the thing he posts in and around Los Angeles where he lives with his family. Well done!

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  2. Hi!
    The Lone Star Beer chandelier is really fun and sonTexas
    The photos did render well in black and white – although when I read the title I was expecting more people in some of the photos –
    Not disappointed though – because you chose a good variety and the post had a bit of a timeless feel.
    I think I expected to see bikers too – anyhow / i know what you mean with travel fatigue –
    I am surprised more travelers do not share about this – but there can be an exhausting side to travel (short or long trips) and while it depends on the person of course – and we do acclimate to having a suitcase always ready in the closet – there are times When fatigue really sets in.

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