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From the Woodshop: No “Lazy” in the Making of a Lazy Susan

I was going to post about my Etsy shop but I thought I would share what my woodworking partner has been up to instead.

Yesterday my partner John and I met up with our friends Michele and Blair for dinner and gave them a handmade Lazy Susan for Christmas!

Sometime earlier this year (2021 is a blur for me) they mentioned they’ve been struggling to find a Lazy Susan for their large round table for quite a while. They have 3 kids and passing things about the table at dinner can get quite tedious.

My partner John, whose hobby is woodworking, never made a Lazy Susan before, felt he should put himself up to the challenge of making his first Lazy Susan and gift it to them for Christmas!

The first one he made came out 26 inches in diameter and he was not completely pleased with it as there were tiny mistakes (ones I did not even notice), and we decided to keep it for our table:

The Lazy Susan is his own original design. So not only did he make his first Lazy Susan but he did not use a published pattern, he just created the design and his own pattern!

For his next Lazy Susan, he made it 29 inches in diameter which was a better size for our friends’ large round table.

Here are some images from the creation of the second Lazy Susan:

Here are photos of the completed Lazy Susan (it is so beautiful in person, he did an amazing job with sanding the piece and finishing it off with layers and layers of a bees wax protectant):

And here are our friends Blair and Michele when we met up for dinner yesterday with their new Lazy Susan (which later they reported fit perfectly on their table!):

(and Michele is wearing a hat I knitted her, see post The Ball of Yarn (which eventually became a hat))

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  1. My takeaway on this is that Tierney and John both really have the same hobby — it’s just that one works in textiles and one works in wood making beautiful patterns! I am very fortunate to be the recipient of such personal and wonderful gifts. My husband and I love the not-so-lazy Susan and it’s on our table in use immediately! Thanks to my talented friends! Oh, and she didn’t mention, my husband also got a Tierney hat, which he loves!! I wish I could share similar talents, but I am just an appreciator.

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  2. WOW love the lazy Susan you created John. I hadn’t even got to the last line of words, and I looked at your friends’ hat and thought I bet Tierney made that!

    (trying to catch up and you know why)!

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