From the Woodshop

From the Woodshop: A New Headboard

I guess I’ve officially turned this in to a series: posts about what my woodworking partner John has made in his woodshop!

If you want to see other posts on what he’s made they are all under this link – From the Woodshop (it will include this post; after you click on the link, scroll down to see earlier posts).

We did not have a headboard on our bed, we just had a platform on which our mattress rested. John decided to make a headboard for our bed using a design similar to the one he used for making Lazy Susans (see post From the Woodshop: No β€œLazy” in the Making of a Lazy Susan):

Here is the headboard in progress in his woodshop:

And here are some images of the completed headboard:

It’s amazing how he keeps progressing on his woodworking journey, all self taught using YouTube videos!

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