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From the Woodshop: The Bedroom Suite is Complete!

Well, John has done it. He has completed a “bedroom suite” of a headboard, dresser, and two matching nightstand tables.

Here are the posts related to the first pieces he made – the dresser and then the headboard:

Out of town guests? Put them to work!

From the Woodshop: A New Headboard

Recently my partner John made two matching nightstand tables to coordinate with the dresser and headboard he made. He made them in a weekend!

Here are the tables in progress:

And if you want to peek a little more around the current version of his woodshop, here are a couple more photos I took at the same time:

And here are the finished products:

Can you tell which side of the bed is mine? Hint: not the one with the Handyman magazine – ha! I always keep a basket of quilting magazines that I’ve picked up at thrift stores next to my side of bed. I like to daydream about projects I likely won’t make right before going to sleep – ha! I re-donate the magazines to the thrift shop when I am done so they can sell them again.

Here are the coordinating pieces – the headboard and dresser – that complete the “suite”:

I am amazed. That is all I can say!

You might have noticed a “project list” in one of the photos above in his workshop. Well he has many more projects planned. He makes me look lazy, I should have finished like 5 quilts by now – ha!

22 thoughts on “From the Woodshop: The Bedroom Suite is Complete!”

  1. You have a lovely bedroom. I love the quilt on the wall and the beautiful duvet cover (my creative eyes will spot these elements first). You got me laughing when you asked what side of the bed yours is 🙂 Oh well, it seems John could open up an Etsy store selling furniture he makes 🙂 He’s very talented.

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  2. I think a fair amount of us just like making and not selling, but more just giving.
    In many ways that’s why I’ve come back to the books, they can sit in my shelves or become gifts.
    I’ve another gift that’s all wrapped up but needs to be mailed, but I’ve got to be fitter…because I need to go into a shop…and I’m still hesitant on those kinds of places, Cousin Anxiety causes me to pause and then get all jittery.

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  3. My grandfather was a woodworker like John, and he sold his works out of his house beside a two lane highway in a tiny town in Illinois 50+ years ago. He had a wonderful workshop in the basement and I remember watching him working as a little girl. I love your wood working posts. I’m returned to those times when I read these and I’m so impressed with John’s work.

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  4. I am SO impressed with John’s efficiency! The dresser and tables look like pine–is that right? If not, what is the wood? (We’re into woodworking here; I just don’t do it personally.)

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  5. Oh my goodness, those bedside tables are wonderful! And they go with the rest of the bedroom furniture so well! He really does do amazing work! As do you – your lovely quilt really ties everything together!

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