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Double Stacking It with the Library Stack

It’s been a while since I shared my latest “Library Stack” in my series of ongoing posts by the same name – The Library Stack. I noticed I have 39 posts so far under the blog post category “The Library Stack” so over the past 8 years I’ve been blogging I’ve shared a lot of stacks!

A couple weeks ago I had “an incident“. I borrowed a stack of books from two different public library systems which resulted in a DOUBLE STACK!

I have to keep the stacks separate so I don’t mess up and return the wrong stack to the wrong library!

Here is a close up of each stack:

Stack I (Library 1):

Stack II (Library 2):

I’ve recently finished up Stack II and returned it to its correct library (yay!). The books I most enjoyed in this stack were: Styling for Instagram and Dollhouse Style.

For the past couple of month’s I’ve been obsessed with tiny room vignettes and dollhouse size furniture on Instagram (I think it is just a phase) and I follow Instagram pages such as @simplylivingminidesigns.

I was obsessed with tiny houses (the kind you can live in) for quite a while, but now I seem to have gone tinier!

The human sized livable tiny house still remain an obsession for me as you can see that in Stack I I have a book titled The Giant Book of Tiny Homes!

Well I have a lot of page browsing ahead with pots of tea to finish Stack 1 and get it back to its library! Then I will take a “Library Stack” break and work on reading the books I already have in queue in my home library!

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    1. That is exactly what happened to me! My late husband and I in 2014 or 2015 stayed at a tiny home village in Portland Oregon. I was so excited to stay there and it was so awful! We had our little dog Sassy with us and they took the one little rug out of the tiny house because of the dog (and the rug was the only thing making it sort of cozy). My husband had me sleep alone in the scary loft which you could not sit up in while he and the dog squished into a little daybed sofa for the night. The bathroom (which I could barely turn around in) even had TINY towels! We had such a great laugh and I got over pushing to live in one someday. But I still love the idea of them – like bigger dollhouses – ha! 🙂

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  1. Great library stacks! The library stickers look the same so it is good you kept them together to return. I would choose stack II, with the Tula and Angela and New York beauties. I had miniature dollhouse furniture but gave them to someone who was interested in dollhouses a couple of years ago.

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