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Juniper Basket Finished

Before I headed out to a week long quilting retreat with my long time quilting friends at the Missouri Star Quilt Company in Hamilton Missouri, I made a Juniper Basket to transport some of the projects I was bringing to the quilt retreat.

A group of quilting friends and I’ve been purchasing patterns by s.o.t.a.k. handmade and exchanging fabrics with each other to make her bags. The Juniper Basket was our latest group project:

image from

The pattern has two size options: SMALL – 9” x 7” x 6” or LARGE – 11” x 8 ½” x 7”.

I think I should have made the small version but I made the large version. It was larger than I expected and a little floppier than expected, but there is plenty of room to hold stuff! It has an outside zipper as well as an inside pocket.

Here are the photos of my finished Juniper Basket (my friend Dana gave me the fabric and cord for the bag):

The thing that did not do it for me in this bag/basket were the handles on the end. It would have been more functional if they were in the middle like a tote bag. I wonder if I should try and make the smaller one and see if the side handles make more sense.

If I make another large Juniper Basket I am going to set the handles in the middle.

I was looking at the designer’s Etsy shop – SotakCo, and I see she has this tote bag, which I think I could recreate by just making larger handles and moving them to the center:

image from SotakCo Etsy Shop, Somerset Tote Bag

I do love her designs and I love that if you purchase her pattern, she licenses you to make items to sell in handmade shop situation such as an Etsy shop or at craft fairs! She really supports the small business handmade community, so I like to support her!

15 thoughts on “Juniper Basket Finished”

  1. The fabric you selected Tierney makes for a stunning end product. I love how the middle of the bag drawstrings close rather then zippers. I struggle with keeping dog and cat hair out of my projects yet zipper enclosures often catch fabrics or snag yarns doing more damage than good. The enclosure on this bag would solve the problem and the size makes it just right to sit next to the sewing machine or a chair securing a project’s pieces while still making it transportable.

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    1. Thanks so much Beth! It was a lot of work but I’m gonna try making a smaller version to see if it might be something I could sell on my Etsy shop or not. The problem with a lot of the stuff I’ve been making for my Etsy shop I’m only making like two dollars an hour lol! Thanks for pointing out the utility of it especially with people with furry critters 😄

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