The Memory Quilt is Complete and Given

The Memory quilt I made my friend whose mother passed, using her mother’s favorite clothes, is completed/quilted and I’ve given it to her.

This is a follow up/end of the story for the following previous posts about this quilt:

I decided to quilt is myself and did a combination of hand and machine quilting. I talk more about this (and share photos) on the previous post “Update on Memory Quilt “.

Slogging through machine quilting
Mike the mini schnauzer providing emotional support under the table while I quilt

I used a floral fabric with the colors in the quilt top as the back and the binding.

Here’s the completed quilt (which is of course a rectangle, it just looks triangular from the camera angle) in my studio:

A couple more photos:

And yes that is me at the bottom of the photo above awkwardly trying to take a photo of the quilt on my cutting table in my studio while trying to use my ring light.

Something I did not mention in the previous post on this quilt – before I quilted it, we met my friend and her husband for dinner while my sister was visiting a couple of weeks ago. I brought the quilt top (not quilted yet) with me to show her.

At the restaurant I pulled out the quilt top and handed it to her to look at before our food arrived.

She started crying. She was so touched and overwhelmed with seeing her mother’s favorite clothes made into a quilt top she could not contain her emotions. My eyes started to get moist too and I was touch.

She was very happy with the final product which was delivered to her on Saturday. She wants to hang the quilt on the wall but I strongly encouraged to cuddle under it and let it be a “hug from her Mom”.

33 thoughts on “The Memory Quilt is Complete and Given”

  1. It turned out just wonderfully and I agree with you …the quilt will feel like a hug. You did a great job xx


  2. Oh wow, this turned out beautifully! I’m not surprised your friend was tearing up when she first saw it – what a thoughtful and touching gift. I think Mike got the better deal on quilting day though… That’s a cosy little nest he has under your work table!


  3. I agree that snuggling with the quilt might be more comforting than seeing it hang on the wall – esp in the early stages of coping!
    And you have a great eye for taking just the right photos to let us be with you or feel your studio experience –
    It makes your posts fun!

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  4. As an (he)artist, you’ve created a wonderful piece with hard-to-work-with materials…And one that won’t fall apart with all the snuggling! You are a gem – and I’m sure your friend knows that!

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  5. Oh what a treasure you have given her Tierney! The final product is beautiful. I love your suggestion to cuddle with it and enjoy the hugs from her mother.


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