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Starting Something New (and Scrappy)

I just finished catching up on my blogging buddies blog post and I just read one by Mary @zippy quilts where she shares an awesomely scrappy quilt she made with her fabric scraps – Scraps Galore.

Well I am getting my scrappy on too recently, as the other day I decided to pull out a very dusty pattern (Bamboo Shade by Aardvark Quilts) that I bought a while ago (like maybe the mid 2000s?) and make a table-runner with my basket of batik fabric scraps.

My plan after putting my Etsy shop on hold (and endless project bag making for it), see post That darn grief, the Etsy shop saga, and a little grace , was to start working on a new body of work of art quilts. But I realized I needed to do something to “warm up” as I am feeling rusty creatively (if that makes sense).

So I thought working with my basket of batik fabric scraps would be a great way to start.

First I selected and sorted colors I want to use for the table-runner. I was drawn to Southwest-y colors:

Then I ironed the select scraps, cut them to size for the pattern and began to organize them:

And now I am sewing up a storm on them (lots of “chain-piecing” all those small strips!):

We’ll see how it progresses….

By the way, the bag/basket holding my batik fabric scrap collection was gifted to me years ago by my friend MJ and was made by her friend from recycled plastic shopping bags! I’d love to learn how to crochet bags from recycled plastic shopping bags someday!

18 thoughts on “Starting Something New (and Scrappy)”

  1. every now and then my paper scraps become too much, and I have to collage with them…maybe that will happen early next year, which is fast approaching but for now it’s more about sifting and sorting…tomorrow the recycler el. people are picking up a pile of things which I’m surrounded by on this here table… just enough room for my laptop and meals! All the regular art materials and tools are on a table off to the side…but really there is no room to craft anyway!

    Your scraps look gorgeous and I wouldn’t be surprised when I move up this inbox I find you’ve finished your table runner

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