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Guest Blog Post: Let There Be Light!

Hey this is Mike the Miniature Schnauzer guest blog posting.

Recently I had to help my humans add additional lighting to Tierney’s studio (the former main bedroom, see post A “New” Studio). Since it was a former bedroom, it was not set up for studio lighting, so the humans thought adding a two sets of track lights – one over Tierney’s ironing station; and one next to her design wall would help.

The above photo is the studio during the day and if you look for the faintly drawn green arrows on the ceiling you can see where the track lighting was planned.

So first of course I had to go to the home improvement store and supervise the humans while they picked out tracking lighting and supplies for installation:

What would the humans do without me?!?!

John installed the track lighting. He had to get into the attic (via the main bedroom closet) and drill the hole for the lighting box as well as set up the wiring.

The attic has layers of insulation so John got very creative on how to try and decrease the amount of attic insulation coming onto the floor of Tierney’s studio by attaching an aluminum pan to the “hole saw” attachment he had or his drill:

After a couple hours of drilling, wiring and lighting installation, Tierney’s studio was suddenly filled with light!

I was of course exhausted after all that human supervision and it was time for a nap:

30 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post: Let There Be Light!”

  1. Mike – it is m
    nice to meet you as this is the first time I have seen you and you are a very beautiful mom. Sch. I was very much in love with a silver and grey one like you. It is obvious from your post that you are very sensitive and intelligent as well as fitted with such a beautiful silver coat. need to do some things now; just wanted to say hi and let you know you have another fan living in Green Valley. Stay well, lovely one. love ❤️ Gregor


  2. You look so focused at the home improvement store, Mike! I hope you thanked John for his creative approach to catching all that icky insulation from floating down to the floor. You might have been tempted to chase, bark at and maybe even taste (bite?) those invaders to your space – not a good thing.

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  3. Oh Michael! I just hope your humans realize how hard you work at keeping it all together and running smooth. Saint Michael…you deserve more naps😴

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  4. Mike, I think you need a vest to wear when you are out at Home Depot that says “Human Supervision Underway.” It looks like Tierney and John did a great job carrying out all your suggestions for this project.

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  5. So good to hear from you, Mike! My goodness you have been busy supervising your humans 🙂 Well, you had a great idea – those lights look great in the studio, and I’m sure Tierney will be happy with all that great light to help her create 🙂

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