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The Horizontal Diaries, January 30, 2023

Sharing some updates and I am continuing to use “The Horizontal Diaries” as a blog post title (like I did in the recent posts The Horizontal Diaries and The Horizontal Diaries, Continued) because it semi describes my current reality.

I am doing much better as I recover from my left broken ankle and subsequent surgery to repair it (I got “screwed” and “plated”!) and all the swelling has gone down from my foot and lower leg as I behaved and spent a lot of time horizontal! My swelling went down so much (foot/leg returned to normal) that my splint/cast has gotten sort of loose. Good thing I have an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow – looking forward to finding out what comes next…and when will I be ready to compete in the Olympic Gymnastic Trials?!??

I’ve been knitting non stop (just like you suggested @mariss/fabrications) and I am nearly done with the replacement hat for the one I lost during my trip to Ireland in October 2022. I am at the point of decreasing the stitches for the top of hat (soon it will be time for my favorite part of hat knitting – the double pointed needles). I think I will get it done today – yay!

Perhaps with the leftover yarn, that I harvested from the matching scarf I never wore, I can make a second hat…or perhaps a small (quite small) scarf – ha!

I mentioned in the previous “Horizontal Diaries” post that I was working on an irritating English Paper Piecing (EPP) Project. It’s the one I’ve been working on for years (feels like I’ve been working on it for decades). Here’s what inspired the project – the first issue of Quiltfolk magazine:

I need to make 99 hexie rosettes (each rosette is composed of 7 EPP hexies), and I am happy to report I now have 75 done (I’m going to actually “do math” now and report that I only have 24 more hexies to make)! I’ve been working on the rosettes while horizontal, they are a fabulous (if not tedious) hand sewing project:

I’ve made more in the past week than I’ve made in the past 6 months! 24 more and I can start to think about the fabrics to set the blocks in – each rosette is appliquéd to a square of fabric (but I will probably use my sewing machine to do that so it isn’t actually DECADES before I finish the quilt – ha!)

It’s interested to see how my EPP hexie assembly progressed from when I began the project is 2016 (gasp). My first EPP hexies were basted with thread to keep the piecing in place:

Then I learned from a friend that I could baste with fabric glue stick instead which saved a lot of time!

I think I’ve struggled with completing this project because the late “Terry the Quilting Husband” punched out many of the hexies for me as well did a lot of the glue basting of the hexies (he was like a master at it after a while!) for me. I would say he helped me make 60% or more of the hexies for this project. I’ve finished after he passed in December 2018 other projects he started such as The Last Baskets , The Last Quilt and The Ball of Yarn (which eventually became a hat) , but for some reason this one was dragging on.

But 2023 is a YEAR OF FINISHES (I might write a separate post about that later) and this project is on the list to be finished!

To get out of the house the other day, John took me on an errand with him and then took me (and my knee scooter) to the Tattered Cover Bookstore in Littleton, CO (near where his errand was). I love independent bookstores and I had a brief but wonderful wander is this old bookstore in knee scooter!

I wonder if they have a music night where someone plays the piano in the center of the bookstore. If I wasn’t injured and needing to return home to my “horizontalness”, I would have grabbed a stack of books and nestled in one of the chairs. This bookstore has a large collection of both new and used books.

I did pick up two cool new stickers for my older laptop (my newer laptop is fully covered with stickers now) at the Tattered Cover Bookstore:

Well that is this installment of “The Horizontal Diaries”, thanks for reading!

19 thoughts on “The Horizontal Diaries, January 30, 2023”

  1. Hi
    I am glad
    Your foot is on the mend and getting screwed and plated is no minor thing !

    Also – love the idea of 2023 being the year of finishes!
    And did I tell
    You how much I enjoy following along with your various projects
    Well I do

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy to hear that your ankle is healing. Just remember to still take it easy and stay off your feet. You are being so productive, even if you are horizontal.😉I love that knitted hat. One of these days, maybe I will learn to knit. As for the hexies, I have an unfinished hexie project that will probably, no, I mean definitely, stay unfinished. I can’t find the patience to complete the hexies, no matter how pretty I think they are.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Believe me I was tempted to just use the existing hexies in some cute little project I saw like a hexie tea cozy but I just feel compelled to finish it. I started other hexies from a friend’s bee themed scraps a couple years ago and I can tell you those are NOT going to be a quilt, they are just going to be used for small projects!


  3. Your rosettes are looking wonderful! I like to work on EPP in the evenings and find it very relaxing. I’m glad you are finding some enjoyment in them now. Glue basting is definitely faster, although I use a combination of glue and thread when I make mine.
    Your visit to the bookstore makes me envious and I wish we had something like that here!
    Good luck with your Rx visit! I hope you get good news .
    Take care!


  4. Oh that bookstore looks like a piece of heaven.
    Thank you for listening to me (ha!). It’s a very fine hat!
    Your hexi project is inspiring. Congrats on getting three-quarters of the way to the finish line from your horizontal position!


  5. You do know we all get screwed at some time in our life right? Lol It’s so nice to hear you are doing better but I’m sure not fast enough. What a fantastic idea to use the glue stick!!!!! I have planted that in the back of my mind. Keep getting better Tierney!

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