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The Horizontal Diaries

I am recovering from a broken ankle after fall on ice and subsequent surgery to repair the fracture (with lots of fun stuff like screws and plates inserted into my ankle). I’ve been unhappy about my sudden immobility and I’ve been trying to be as independent as I can in daily tasks with not much success. I have to rely on my partner John more than I want.

I noticed today that I still have some post operative swelling in my toes that I think I should have gone down by now, but I’ve been naughty in regards to not completely following my post operative instructions to keep my leg elevated above my heart.

Shortly after realizing my limited compliance with post operative instructions (and I am a nurse and should know better!), I came across a blog comment by one of my New Zealand based blogging buddies (@cedar51) on the other side of the world on my post Sheep to Brighten My Day :

The more your leg is horizontal – the faster it will heal – and yes it will be annoying but then when it’s all better – you will be back doing all those things that you love.

– @cedar51

Yes, she is right and I know it. So spent most of today horizontal instead of trying to busy myself on little tasks around the house in my knee scooter.

And the swelling in my toes has begun to diminish.

I guess I need to keep this horizontal existence up for now.

While binging all sorts of strange things on YouTube (like how to can a year’s worth of food; how to crochet baskets; living in a van; and being a digital nomad) I’ve started working on another knitted hat (yes same pattern of course, ha!):

The hat is being knitted from yarn I recycled by unraveling a scarf I was not using. It is the yarn that my beloved knitted hat my friend who taught me how to knit hats made me. Unfortunately I lost this hat while I was in Ireland in October 2022.

I had that hat forever (at least 10 years) and I wore it all cold weather season long. It was sort of like my security blanket. Here I am in 2015 in the hat when I appeared in an advertisement for SAQA in the FiberArts Now publication:

I was so heartbroken when I lost my hat; but so happy when I returned home and realized I could unravel the matching scarf that I never wore and knit myself and new version of the hat.

In addition to working on the hat and binging YouTube videos, I’ve been listening to audiobooks and snacking on delicious coffee cake. Another thoughtful friend sent me a get well package, that I received yesterday, of some delicious jasmine tea and gourmet coffee cake mix. John made me the coffee cake the same day the package arrived!

Well that was enough sitting up to write this blog post. Headed back down to full horizontal to take some more pain medications and dose off to yet another YouTube video…

Feature image – Pexel free photos

33 thoughts on “The Horizontal Diaries”

  1. I am not giggling at your pain but at how silly you are not to take advantage of having the full guilt free experience of grazing and knitting all day while gorging on YouTube videos. I swear🤦🏽‍♀️ I am so glad your buddy was a good influence on you in taking proper care of your injury. I too will add the more rested you are the quicker you will heal ahem Nurse Tierney😄

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  2. Sit in that recliner and relax! Have you watched Shitt’s Creek? Ted Lasso? Bridgerton? All Creatures Great and Small? Derry Girls? I binged all of them after my ankle surgery. I’m normally not a TV person, but painkillers and immobility will do that to a person.
    I love the hat you are making. That is beautiful yarn.
    The title of my blog post let me to believe you had started writing a dirty blog.

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  3. thanks for the shout out

    although I’ve not got a broken ankle, I’ve a few issues with my ankles and lower legs and when I’m at home, I take breaks – similar to the horizontal but with my legs on the bed, stretched out – sometimes I take nap or I sit up = and do other things like reading, playing solo games, sometimes a craft I can do easily…

    hence that’s why I suggested “taking a horizontal”

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  4. I totally get what you are feeling. I like to be self sufficient and when you cant be, it can drive you crazy. Doing wht you are supposed to is hard, but you seem to be making the best of it. I hope your healing goes well and you can so be doing the things you would like to do!

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  5. Ouch! It’s hard to be forced to come to a complete stop, but it obviously pays off. Good to hear the swelling is going down. So now it is time to pamper yourself, and let John wait on you and bake you cake!

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