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The Horizontal Diaries, February 8, 2023

Still recovering from my left ankle nasty break after slipping on ice (not a good Winter sport…) when walking my dog Mike; and subsequent surgery to repair my fractures in mid-ish January 2023.

I am still spending time horizontal (though not as much as previously as swelling is nearly completely gone) as part of my recovery. So I can justify another installment of “The Horizontal Diaries”.

If you are just joining us I have a several other installments of “The Horizontal Diaries” on these posts: The Horizontal Diaries, The Horizontal DiariesContinued, and The Horizontal Diaries, January 30, 2023 .

I spend a lot of time the upstairs guest room/my office as I do not want to hang out in my regular bed all day when elevating my left leg.

It’s cheerful and sunny, has a small TV mounted to the wall; and Mike the Miniature Schnauzer likes to hang out in the corner of the bed where he can catch sun and watch for any suspicious activity in front of the house (like those dastardly UPS, Amazon Prime, and FedEx drivers who like to ring the doorbell and run off!).

John wanted to make mornings easier for me (and himself when he is working…he telecommutes from the basement) and he repurposed an extra little refrigerator in the closet of his bar area (for chilling glasses) into an upstairs breakfast and snack bar for me.

Now I don’t have to slow “slide” downstairs to the main floor to get my breakfast (I have my new knee scooter on the main floor and a used knee scooter we found on the Nextdoor upstairs). Nor does John have to take time out of his workday morning routine to make me breakfast and bring it up.

So far so good – I can turn on the electric kettle, make myself a cup of tea and put together some yogurt and granola for breakfast. I also have snacks during the day (healthy and naughty) if I get hungry; and a selections of beverages to quench my thirst. It is sort of like my own apartment upstairs – ha!

Speaking of “snacks” (and other fun stuff) – more awesome “Get Well” surprises came in the mail over the past week – two care packages with various goodies; and a wonderful science fiction book from three different family and friends.

Here is Mike with the cool laser cut iron on appliquรฉ schnauzer included in one of the gift packages:

It’s funny, a surprise always seems to arrive in the mail when I am feeling especially down and discouraged over my lack of mobility. I struggle to remember a day in my recent life when I haven’t gone on a daily walk prior to this injury. Daily walks seem part of my existence and always center me!

But the healing continues and I have more energy and can even participate in some household tasks now (on my knee scooter of course!)

I did have a special treat last week – John took the knee scooter and I out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Denver – Hillstone. I just had to take a photo of the delicious roasted chicken and kale salad (loaded with cashews) that I had for dinner. They do a beautiful job of preparing the kale so there is no bitterness just sweetness.

It was so special to go out to dinner and the crowded restaurant was awesome about accommodating my knee scooter.

I came across this quote randomly online (perhaps a reminder from the Universe) and I am trying to keep it in the back of my mind if I start to feel whiny that I am currently not able to walk around:

30 thoughts on “The Horizontal Diaries, February 8, 2023”

  1. I like that Vonnegut quote and also the tea/breakfast station is a good idea –
    oh and I used to have that same kettle – and the one I have now (from TJMaxx) is it not nearly as good even though lookd a little fancier – but I have not seen that one for sale anywhere lately ?

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  2. Glad to see you’ve got yourself all setup upstairs. What a treat to go out to dinner, I’m sure the trip did you good. That quote is SO GOOD!! Too often I only notice the things that cause struggle or concern – I must call out the nice things too๐Ÿ˜

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  3. Ah, poor you, it sounds terrible to be so confined, but it sounds like you have a great set up in your spare room -that John is a keeper! I’m glad you are receiving little cheer gifts now and again- and how can you not feel better when you see that sweet little Schnauzer face??๐Ÿ˜Š
    Keep your chin up, this too shall pass, and in the meanwhile just dream about all the things you will be able to do again real soon! Xx Monique

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  4. So sorry to hear about your injury and surgery, Tierney! Iโ€™m quite behind the 8 ball in your postsโ€ฆit sounds like healing is slow but steady. Hi know life in the horizontal position is not fun, but am glad you are making the best of it with a sweet dog and a mini frig! Happy healing!! Xo

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  5. Well done! What a great idea for a breakfast bar. That salad looks amazing. And yes, we too experience the runaway UPS, Amazon, and FedEx delivery people. It must be an epidemic wreaking havoc on the country.

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  6. I think that if you have a dog, the daily (multiple) walks have become such a fixed thing in your life that it is not surprising that it feels weird to not be able to take them. But it’s really nice that you are getting some mobility back. I’ve experienced several periods in which I depended on others for a large part of my mobility and it sucks big time!

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  7. You are getting there! Good for you to get the swelling down. 9 months out and I rarely have any and I think it was because I worked hard in getting it gone in the early days. I know what you mean by not moving and walking….that was really hard. At 2 months I was walking with crutches and a boot (trimalleolar with 3 plates/screws), so you are getting there! So glad you have a little nourishment station set up! My husband is still bringing breakfast upstairs…we decided I didn’t need to give it up! I have to admit that is the one big bonus that came out of the ankle being broken. Hope you get a weight bearing as tolerated go ahead soon….6 weeks post break was given the boot and weight bearing as tolerated. Fingers crossed for continued healing and good things coming your way when you need a little pick me up! That first dinner out is such a treat….and that kale looks yum. Did you get PT at the house? I was able to get that and it was a big help.

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    1. Hey, I appreciate you sharing your story and it is a bummer that we had to go through this, eh? Iโ€™m going to physical therapy starting next week outside of the house, which is good cause I appreciate getting out of the house! Iโ€™ve been feeling very housebound! I do love my little breakfast bar and was thinking maybe about keeping a little fridge upstairs to keep stocked with beverages and snacks for while crafting when I fully recover ๐Ÿ˜€


  8. Great quote Tierney! Your office/ guest room looks like the perfect place to relax, recover, and support Mike in his security detail. Though I do think that Mike might have a little side business going on with some crafting companies when you and John are traveling as a Schnauzer head model๐Ÿ˜‰ The resemblance is uncanny. Any thoughts on how you plan to use the applique?

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