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From Junk Drawer to Charging Station

We spent this past Sunday doing a major purge of “the junk drawer” in our kitchen, discovering that most things could go elsewhere or be donated or tossed.

John found on the web, a special “drawer charging system” which allows you to turn a drawer into a “charging station” by adding an outlet to the drawer. This special system has a swinging arm that holds the cord from the plug which mounts inside the drawer, so that you can easily open and close the drawer.

image from dockingdrawer.com

John did some wiring to set up an outlet in the back of the kitchen cabinet, cut a hole in the former “junk drawer” and created a charging station:

In addition to clearing out the “junk drawer” we also did a major purge of the countertop above the junk drawer area.

We have something fun planned our newly cleared countertop…will share at a later date.

29 thoughts on “From Junk Drawer to Charging Station”

      1. No problem. I’m always amazed by handymen, like your hubby. For me, I’m a tech support guy. I have never been a good handyman, but tech-no problem. I helped set up my Mom’s Ring device yesterday so she can monitor Dad and know when he gets up.


      1. Yippee! I guessed correctly!
        Word of advice: don’t put your coffee/tea/etc drinking on hold until it’s finished…(don’t really think that’s even an option but still…)
        Wing it!
        Can’t wait to see.

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