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What’s On the “Design Carpet”

I am a nervous front seat passenger in a car. My best bet is to do something to distract me while I am a front seat passenger (especially when my partner John is driving, ha!)

So I started carrying around either a little knitting to work on in the car or a crochet project (usually granny squares) in this bag:

Last year, after I finished making the granny squares for the granny square blanket I share my finish of this in this – First Finish of 2023 – Granny Square Crochet Blanket Done, I began a new set of granny squares for a future blanket to have something to work on in the car. Here is what I have completed so far, laid out on the “design carpet”:

I am using black and gray acrylic yarn I got from the thrift store, including a variegated yarn of grays and black. So far I have 34 done and I think I will eventually make 100 granny squares to someday join into a blanket.

I am working very casually on this project (only when a passenger in the car with John and only if I am not working on knitting a hat) so who knows when it will be done!

26 thoughts on “What’s On the “Design Carpet””

  1. I too am a nervous passenger and this is a great idea! In fact, I used to crochet in the car all the time but for some reason I got away from it. Thanks to you, I’m going to put together a crochet bag for my car.

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  2. I had to smile at how you found a way to make good use of time as a passenger
    And the only time that can be really tough for me is when my spouse will not make a left for a while
    But I realized that long time that he takes to make his left turn is actually keeping us safe and so I look at my shoes or out the window and say “I am glad to have a slow driving hubs who keeps us safe” ha!

    And the granny squares have a nice blue/gray color
    Also – how fun to take your time with this project

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  3. Oh and I love when you dare your thrift store goodies
    And I used to find yarn all the time (and would sometimes get some my cousin who makes those hanging towels for the kitchen) but I have not seen much yarn or fabric lately ? Hmmm


  4. A productive distraction that prevents overuse of the imaginary passenger brake. Our oldest is almost 15 and is counting the months until she can get her learners permit. I informed my husband he would have to do all the initial instruction because my nervous passengerness would only make her nervous. The colors of your granny squares reminded me a Mike. Maybe this blanket could me named “Simply Schnauzer.”

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    1. Yes! I was going to wear a hole in the floor of the passenger side of the car with my imaginary brake! Now who knows what is going on during the Indy 500…um I mean highway..during the ride πŸ˜‰
      Congrats on your oldest getting to learners permit and I guess it makes sense your hubby helps at first, I would be in the same boat!
      Love the name idea for the granny square blanket – thanks! πŸ™‚


  5. the granny square colours look intriguing

    the problem I have of recent times is being asked to sit in the middle of the back seat, and having 2 larger ladies on either side. I’m able to sit nicely but my feet are straddling the centre hump and I’m playing one sided footsie with both ladies and possibly their bags!

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