A Year of Finishes - 2023, Knit and Crochet Away!

First Finish of 2023 – Granny Square Crochet Blanket Done

Here’s a follow up to the post from January 9, 2023 Update on Autumn Colors Granny Square Afghan :

It only took me a year but I finally finished the Autumnal Colors Granny Square blanket.

It measures approximately 70 inches by 70 inches and is made with 100 crocheted Granny Square blocks.

I wanted 2023 to be a year of finishing up old projects and now I have one down (and oh so many to go!)

It was a great project to finish up while I spend a lot of time in the recliner in our living room since breaking my ankle last week:

And now the blanket is on the top of my recliner awaiting my snuggle under it:

I had John take photos for me since I can only use one leg these days, and at first he took this photo (as a joke, little did I know) for this blog post:

I thought at first he thought this was a good photo for the post!

Now to decide what outstanding project to work on next…

Yesterday John helped me get my studio (from main bedroom, see post A “New” Studio) better set up to sew and craft in ready with my new reality – the knee scooter:

I am going to try spending part of the day tomorrow sewing in my studio instead of sitting in my recliner with hand projects (moping that I am no longer as mobile as I used to be).

Oh and I have to close this post with a photo my friend Wendy sent me from @themercerie on Instagram:

Is that not the ultimate granny square sampler? That would only take me 5 years to finish 🙂

23 thoughts on “First Finish of 2023 – Granny Square Crochet Blanket Done”

  1. LOL I love John’s photo… it’s almost, kinda like the IG swirl 😉 Now you have a nice blanket to keep you warm while you relax. Oh I just realized it’s your left ankle you injured; at least it wasn’t your sewing pedal foot!!! 🫤
    And oh my gosh, that crochet project from themercerie 😲😍

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  2. Terrible news about your ankle, but great that you finished your first UFO of the year and it is only January!
    I hope you find some projects that work with your confinement xx

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  3. Once you’ve got the ‘hang’ of the knee wheeler – you’ll be happier – and maybe there are UFOs that just need a hand stitch here and there – it’s fine to say you can still use your sewing machine but for now please just rest – both feet up…”healing”

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  4. I say use this “opportunity” to start granny squares for the afghan you showed at the end. If it takes 5 years that’s OK, because a person can use only so many afghans. Good luck with the ankle.

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  5. Your afghan is gorgeous! John is funny – my DH would do that to me too 🙂 I have my eye on that class at the Mercerie for a while now – people make the most gorgeous granny squares sample afghans from it! I’m glad you are going to be able to get into your studio and be at least a little more mobile while you are healing 🙂

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