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Update on Autumn Colors Granny Square Afghan

I was going to write a post about my 2022 travel next (my excuse for the lack of completed projects in 2022 as I discovered when I wrote my previous post 2022 in Review: Crafting Projects Completed) but I decided to write about a project I am working on completing – a granny square afghan in Autumn colors.

Previous posts on this blanket are:

Update on Latest Granny Square Blanket

Update on the Latest Granny Square Blanket

What’s on the “Design Carpet”: Update on Granny Square Blanket

Granny Squaring Again!

Those are a lot of posts for a blanket that is still not completed. Luckily some of the previous posts included cute photos of Mike the Miniature Schnauzer with the blanket in progress to distract you – ha!

Searched through those posts to see when I started working on it – and the answer is January 2022 (whew it is barely a year old, ha!)

Part of my New Years Resolutions are to complete the projects I have uncompleted. I want 2023 to be a “Year of Completions”. So a couple of days ago I pulled out this dusty project and made a lot of progress (seven out of ten rows now done!!!):

I was laughing to myself as my original plan was to have this afghan completed by Autumn since it has Autumnal colors but then I realize the colors are all season as far as my house as they coordinate with my living room decor:

I have 7 rows completed and 3 more rows to go and then the border.

In previous posts about this blanket I discussed putting several rows of borders on using several of the colors in the individual granny squares.

I thought more about that and I think that will be too busy. I am just going to border it with one row of the brown I am using to attach the granny squares together.

Plan = focus on completing this project, work on it every evening while watching TV and get it done!

19 thoughts on “Update on Autumn Colors Granny Square Afghan”

  1. Oh, Tierney, I thought of you today when I saw a granny square afghan in a thrift shop! I have also discovered that a local bakery has a cookie it calls a “granny square”. I plan to check it out–that’s the kind of granny square I’m most likely to make 😀

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  2. I just love this afghan. You are going to be very pleased with yourself when it is finished.
    If I may tell a related story — I crocheted a double bed sized blanket (afghan) when I was in my early twenties. 40 years on and the border is still not completed and the yarn for it is lost. But the blanket works well. It kept me warm for many years and then got stored away. Recently we watched the series Breaking Bad and noticed that the afghan on the back of the couch in the living room is almost exactly the same as the one I made all those years ago. So I hauled it out and now it lives in the tv room. Before the summer heat hit I used it to keep warm while watching movies and series.

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  3. great progress and the plan

    I spent part of yesterday realising that this Thursday I needed “the homework set in Nov for this week” not completed. I’d decided to buy it a new “writing book” and I noticed I’d not sorted that out, so now it’s got a back pocket and the cover is embellished. And it’s even got stamped words on it! And YES homework attended to…(however the leader may not last the distance this year, as the email reminder was a bit all over the place) 🙂

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