A Year of Finishes - 2023, Knit and Crochet Away!

2nd Finish of 2023 – Replacement Hat

As I mentioned in recent posts, I unraveled a scarf I wasn’t using and recreated a beloved knitted hat I lost during my trip to Ireland in October 2022. Well I’ve finished knitting it and it is my 2nd finish in 2023, which is a A Year of Finishes – 2023 (this is a link to my new blog category with all the posts on crafts I’ve finished in 2023).

I am so happy to have a new version of my beloved hat back!

I am going to write a post in the future about my plans for 2023 of finishing outstanding projects. I want to wait until I am more mobile (recovering from broken ankle) and can catalog my outside projects. Before I was injured I did put all my outstanding projects together in a section of the closet.

Speaking of injuries, I did have a follow up appointment with my orthopedic surgeon yesterday (who repaired my broken ankle) and he moved me from a splint/cast to a walking boot. I still cannot bear weight but before you know it I will be starting physical therapy and progressing on my three month journey to full recovery.

Here is my new reality – the walking boot:

And someday I will be actually walking in it (smile), but for now the knee scooter remains my trusted sidekick – ha!

18 thoughts on “2nd Finish of 2023 – Replacement Hat”

  1. In response to your prior blog title question: Yes, Indeed. Always seems to take us by surprise and delight.
    As for The Boot. You’ve arrived. After my toe surgery a few years back, The Boot was my gateway towards freedom!

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  2. I love the concept of recycling yarn from one use into another. The final product looks great. As for the new boot, I can’t help but find the irony in that it is colored so similar to Mike’s cone. He has shed his cone and before you know it you’ll be shedding that boot as well. Congratulations on another step forward (pun completely intended) in your road to recovery.

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      1. Once you are able to bear weight I think you will find it can be a bit clunky, but supportive so that you walk without pain as things heal. It’s also nice that you can take it off rather than a cast that you are stuck with.

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