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Plastic Yarn?

Last week, sometime mid week, I needed an outing and John took me to JOANN FABRICS to wander around.

I didn’t have anything in mind that I needed but I took a leisurely stroll (as leisurely as one can stroll on a knee scooter) through the yarn section. There I discovered a collection of skeins of yarn made from RECYCLED PLASTIC!

I bought a couple skeins of the Lion Brand Re-Spun yarn to try it out.

The yarn has a slightly strange texture, almost like a little bit slippery, but it looks like regular acrylic yarn, perhaps with a little sheen to it.

I made a couple sample blocks for a future granny square blanket with the yarn:

I love the idea of plastics being recycled into something you make crafts with – a much better alternative to the landfill!

I didn’t have the best light when I was photographing and I am limited where I can do a photoshoot in my knee scooter (recovering from broken ankle and subsequent surgery if you are just joining us). I took photos on the table John made (see post From the Woodshop: Floating Top Hall Table) in the entryway.

I stepped back…okay I rolled back (on my scooter) after I finished the photoshoot for this post and realized the light, although poor, was sort of interesting on the whole area:


Oh and speaking of granny squares, here is little follow up on my post What’s On the “Design Carpet”, about the gray and black granny squares I’ve been making while riding in the car, for a future blanket.

Here is what they looked like:

I decided they needed a couple rounds of gray border to make them less busy looking (I was using a solid center of black or gray, surrounded by a variegated black and gray yarn):

I like them better now (by the way, notice they are now on the “Design Floor” instead of the “Design Carpet”, ha!)

23 thoughts on “Plastic Yarn?”

  1. Interesting yarn, its easy to forget that polyester fabric is technically a plastic so no reason it can’t be made from recycled stuff. Maybe in years to come all our clothes will be made from recycled plastic.

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  2. what happens when you want to “block it” or give it a real “hard press” – I feel like it will melt – similar to what can happen with polyester fabric if you’ve not careful

    I noted something recently that it’s hard for many manufacturers to deal with the “no plastic” ideal – and many of the “it can be composted” doesn’t actually work ….

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