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Update on the “Colour Wheel” Quilt

Here is an update on the Colour Wheel quilt/wall hanging that I am making as a teaching tool on color theory when I teach an art quilting course in 2024 (see post A Year of Finishes: The Pivot) using fabric scraps.

The pattern I used is from the book Quilt Color Workshop by T. Bruecher, B. Greenberg, L. Goldsworthy, and J. Adams (2014) and the quilt is supposed to look the quilt on the book’s cover:

But I decided to modify the quilt a bit as I will show you below.

In my previous post on this quilt Colour Wheelโ€ Quilt in Progress, I had a collection of 24 trimmings from making the “spokes” of the 12 sectioned color wheel and I was deciding what to do with them.

Well I decided to piece 23 of them together (1 trimming was sacrificed while I was experimenting with options) to make a banner for the top of the quilt.

Banner? What do you mean by “banner” Tierney?!?!?

Well I decided if the quilt was going to be a teaching tool I was going to add some additional details to the quilt as you will see below.

Before I get to that, let me show you the backing fabric I found in my stash for the quilt – a colorful butterfly fabric that had most of the colors from my the color wheel.

Here is the banner pieced from the trimming scraps, the backing, and the pieced main part of the quilt up on my design wall.

Looking at it on the design wall, I decided it was all feeling a little boring and it needed something. Then I remembered it is was to be a teaching tool so why not fully commit to it being a teaching tool and add letters and words to it?

So I did, and here is what the quilt currently looks like on the design wall.

I added “The Colour Wheel” to the banner made by the trimming scraps; and labeled each of the colorways.

The letters are just tentatively laid out, when I remove the quilt from the design wall I will measure out the proper spacing of the letters and words.

I am pretty pleased with this wallhanging so far!

32 thoughts on “Update on the “Colour Wheel” Quilt”

  1. This is hands down the prettiest teaching tool I have ever seen. Your banner reminds me of crayons. Perhaps you’ll share some of your scrappy quilts once a month on Kate’s ScrapHappy blogging day, the 15th of each month.

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  2. My favourite kind of quilt, gorgeous saturated colours, full-on scrappiness and usefulness as well as beauty. And thank you for joining us for ScrapHappy Day this month and going forward!

    Liked by 1 person

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