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A Year of Finishes: 32nd Finish – the Batik Table Runner

I continue to work on the Colour Wheel quilt/wallhanging that I most recently blogged about in the post “Colour Wheel” Quilt in Progress, but I am not ready to share my further progress (and I did come up with a plan on how to use the trimmed sections of the color wheel and incorporate them into the quilt!), so instead I will share an update on the batik table runner I made for a friend.

This post is a follow up to the post – Update on Batik Scrappy Table Runner. It is also part of my documentation of the backlog of projects I am finishing in 2023 – A Year of Finishes – 2023.

Back when I lived in Bend, Oregon (now over 4 years ago), I promised to make my friend L a table runner for her long dining room table which I had enjoyed several wonderful meals at over the years.

Finally back in December 2022 I started the table runner and made it from batik fabric scraps using the pattern Bamboo Shade by Aardvark Quilts. Here is where I was at in December 2022 – I had pieced it and prepared it for quilting:

I shared in the March 17, 2023 post 7 Million Stitches+, that I was working on machine quilting the table runner on my new sewing machine.

Here is the completed table runner:

And here is the table runner on my friend L’s dining room table (she received it in the mail the other day and sent me a photo)!

It felt wonderful to complete that project and finally give her the table runner!

33 thoughts on “A Year of Finishes: 32nd Finish – the Batik Table Runner”

  1. Tierney, Can’t tell you how thankful we are to be the recipient of your gorgeous table runner! It is a true work of art. I love looking at it every day during our meals and admiring all the various Batik fabrics and colors in it. Thank you again! It is the perfect addition to our table and home and will always be a center piece of our table.

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  2. You make magic happen with color and fabric. Congratulations on finishing another project, AND getting it packed and sent to your friend. It looks great on her table in what appears to be a gorgeous home. Your runner fits in beautifully.


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