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Library Stack Unrestrained…

Again, it’s been a while since I’ve written any posts for my blogging topic category – The Library Stack where I share my latest stack of local library books I’ve borrowed.

In this quick post I thought I would share my latest stack, recently acquired when I browsed the library “unrestrained” (by common sense and no longer being hindered by hobbling around in a walking book):

Yes it’s a bit ridiculous and I am not sure what happened to me while browsing (I guess I had an “out of body” experience) the library. It was the first time I was able to drive myself to the library and browse independently since I broke my ankle in January 2023.

Surprisingly I was able to haul all these books to the library’s check out station using a tote bag (and taking the elevator, there was no way my ankle was going to get me all the way down the library stairs!).

My plan is to flip through these books while I have breakfast each morning.

I think that is all the time I should allow this stack as I need to keep working on finishing my Colour Wheel Quilt that I most recently blogged about in this post Update on the “Colour Wheel” Quilt.

I just finished wrangling the quilt, with just the batting attached (to act as interfacing), under the sewing machine to machine applique down all those letters. So I am moving forward despite distraction from my latest (and unrestrained) “Library Stack”!

25 thoughts on “Library Stack Unrestrained…”

  1. Nice. I wish I could read “hard” books, but those days are long gone. I like reading books digitally, especially with dark backgrounds. It is so easy on the eyes! Good luck and have fun. There should be a lot of learning and ideas in those books!

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      1. I love the smell of a new book, but alas, my eyesight is just not what it used to be. So, I read digitally. It took me a while to get used to it, but now that I have, I can’t go back.

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  2. Oh progress with your ankle – and being able to be independent again – love the library stack…and great to see The Colour Wheel quilt is under way, like under the machine foot…

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  3. I cannot be trusted to go into the library merely to return a book, since I inevitably come out with half a dozen new ones. It tends to put me out of action in the sewing room for a while, and if I have a deadline I find it safest to simply avoid the library. It’s a shame, because Sally the librarian and I are good friends!

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  4. Love the stack, and the reasoning behind it. =) So sorry about your ankle! My friend was in an auto accident in November when she was rear-ended by someone not paying attention. Her ankle and ligaments are still healing. I am glad yours was faster than hers!

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