A Crafter's Life

Mysterious Package…

I had a different post planned for today but last night I picked up a package from the mail.

A mysterious package…


The return address was from my brother who lives on the East Coast of the U.S.

He’s bought me fabric before, he’s a world traveler…maybe to celebrate my 5th year blogging he’s sent me some interesting fabric from his travels…

It’s a soft package…feels like fabric…(anticipation building…getting excited…)

So I open it.

It is not fabric..it is a HEAD! A bear’s head!


Is my brother sending me a warning that he has ordered a mob hit on me?!?!?!?

Also inside the package is a body…


Then I remember – this is my 6 year old nephew’s favorite teddy bear.

My brother has sent the decapitated bear to me for repair!

Now normally I do not like to be asked to do repairs (and please never ask me to hem/mend your clothes) as I think asking a quilter to repair fabric items, mend/hem clothing, etc. for you is like asking an artist who paints landscapes to paint your house. 2a76ea28325e65d0f8ae1304e9daebe2.png

I always flinch when someone asks me this BUT this is for my beloved 6 year old nephew. So I am going to do a complex head reattachment surgery.

If you are a quilter, how do you feel when someone asks you to hem or mend a fabric item just because you have a sewing machine/know how to use a needle?