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Putting the “P” in Procrastination

Once upon a time there was a quilter who was also married to a quilter. The quilter and her husband-the-quilter decided to each put five (5) quilts into the 2016 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, for a total of ten (10) quilts. They finished their 10 quilts and had them all back from the magical long-arm quilter by April 2016. The quilts needed to be labeled and ready for the show by June 24, 2016.

The quilter and her husband knew they had plenty of time to get those labels on the quilts…

I think this tale will have a happy ending, but right now I am in the “moral lesson” part of the tale. Like in the “Ant and the Grasshopper ” from Aesop’s Fables (the ant spent the summer planning for winter and the grasshopper spent the summer goofing off and we know how that ended…).

We have a stack of 10 quilts needing labels (see photo above!) and Terry the Quilting Husband does not hand sew (he actually hates needles and has no desire to hand stitch anything). So I need to get all the labels on by 06/23/16 to deliver the quilts on 06/24/16 to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Office.

“P” is not just for Procrastination. “P” is for PANIC.

24 thoughts on “Putting the “P” in Procrastination”

  1. Congratulations on getting 10 quilts finished for the Sisters show. Its time to teach the quilting husband to hand stitch his own labels! Well maybe he can make sandwiches while you stitch. My husband always said the definition of a great sandwich was one somebody made and brought to you.

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  2. How awesome that you have ten quilts entered in a show. I know you will meet your deadline because you have to so enjoy the process. Then when they on display take time to revel in your accomplishments.

    By the way, love what you have done with your blog!

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    1. Thank you and thank you! I have 3 labels done so far and today I am “power labeling” 🙂 I too am pleased with this new version of my blog, I keep learning new things about WordPress my blogging platform 🙂

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  3. As a non-quilter, I have to ask: what’s a label, and why is it such a big deal?

    Apart form that, I am a very very good general procrastinator, so if you are ever in need of procrastination services, let me know. I might even respond. Someday.

    And finally, I find it quite hilarious that Terry hates needles – given his past profession and all… 🙂

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    1. Ah – I appreciate the non quilters who follow my blog and an explanation is in order😀. A label (made from fabric) is sewn on the back of the quilt to identify the quilt maker, year and name of the quilt; and any other details. Like the quilts I made for your kids there are labels on back. So thousands of years from now when these quilts are unearthed during an archeological dig they will know who made it 😀!

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