What's on the Design Wall

What’s on the Design Wall

Continuing my series on What’s on the Design Wall: Projects in Progress…

Terry the Quilting Husband, fresh from his sale of two of his quilts during the 2016 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, is eagerly working on a new piece (maybe for the 2017 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show?).

Terry is using our new temporary “giant design wall” that I discuss in the post Whole House Crafting. Until we get the interior walls of our house repainted (someday) we are just using a package of Warm & Natural batting on one of our hallway walls.  A future house project is to build a nice large design wall on this side of the one hallway in our little home.


Terry likes to work from parameters I start him off with and he does not like quilt patterns of any kind. I tried to help him learn how to follow quilt patterns, but he strongly prefers to work intuitively.

I had a stack of 2.5 inch strips from an old kit (for a very ugly table runner) that I was never going to make. After sewing sections of the strips together, he is going to inset denim between them some how. All his concept – I only gave him the strips.

Here is my stash of recycle denim he is looking through to complete his design:

The chair in my studio with my stash of denim scraps

Can’t wait to see how it comes out!

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  1. Looks like Terry is off to a great start. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. I think your design wall is a great artistic addition to your house. It’s an evolving work of art.

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  2. Very resourceful to repurpose denim in Terry (the quilting husband’s) quilt! It’s nice you both share the same passion for quilting. Do you pin your fabric to the design wall? Mine often leaps off the wall with no warning and then my dogs Norma and Sadie think these bits of fabric are really toys to chew! Yikes!

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    1. Did you jinx us!??! Ha! The blocks Terry had worked on were sticking just fine to the design wall and then I accidentally bumped them and a bunch fell – so we pinned them 🙂 I think also our design wall is pretty flimsy right now and when someday we get our nice one built it will hold things better. Tell Norma and Sadie – no snacking on quilt blocks!!! 🙂


  3. I’ve just begun a Chinese Coins quilt myself. But there are several different ways to set sets of strips. (?) And they are all tempting! Here is one Terry might want to look at:


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