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Seriously Cute Holiday Decorations

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My neighbor Carole is a very talented decorator and crafter. Her home interior looks like a photo shoot from Country Living magazine (my home interior looks like a photo shoot from Psychology Today).

I follow the blog a very talented crafty person – Linda @ kelleysdiy.com. Her holiday craft related posts inspired me to share a couple of photos of my neighbor’s latest holiday centerpiece-masterpiece.

My neighbor was inspired by a pin on Pinterest. She showed me the original pin and I have to say she way outdid her source of inspiration.

Here is the front:


Here is the side/back:


It is even cuter in person. She bought the three tied pan online and most of the stuff she already had in her huge stash of holiday decorations.

Her home is filled with lovely holiday vignettes everywhere, here is one to close out this post:


17 thoughts on “Seriously Cute Holiday Decorations”

  1. I love the three tiered pan! When I first saw the picture, I was thinking pie pans separated by pillar candles, stuffed with gifts…CUTE present! I love this idea! Thanks for sharing. I love the country charm look. BTW, I’ve seen some photos of areas of your home and never thought “Psychology Today!” LOL I love your cozy looking home!

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  2. Oh my! This made me laugh: “(my home interior looks like a photo shoot from Psychology Today).”

    We will decorate but minimally. I have a hutch in my dining room and enjoy changing the look of it a few times a year. If I don’t use my pretty Christmas plates for this, they’ll get no use at all!

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  3. Oh! I have envy! I have a ton of Christmas decorations, but know not how to make them look cute or work together. I still have leaves in my yard and not one outside Christmas decoration in place. I think my neighbors are talking about me too…

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  4. What a neat and lively centerpiece. I love its combination of holiday goodies. 🙂 (and yes, my interior could also be pictured in Psychology Today, ha! Some folks just have a design gift!)

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  5. Wow! I’m always amazed that people have so much talent and creativity. I do really well with crafting by checkbook on things like that. It’s beautiful! My living room is currently based on the magazine “It Wouldn’t Take You 5 Minutes To Pick Up This Mess If You Just Put the Time In…Ya Know”!

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