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Little Bits of Oregon Warmth

I finished the baby quilt I was making for a friend having her first baby. She has received it, and appears to really like it, so now I can post photos!

I named the baby quilt – Little Bits of Oregon Warmth – it made from recycled flannel pieces from flannel quilts I have made or my quilting friends have made. I selected flannel scraps that evoked a feeling of my beloved adopted state of Oregon (my friend lives in Oregon).

It is very “green” – it is made from fabric that some quilters would have discarded. Instead these pieces have a new home and purpose – to keep a baby warm this Winter! (I’d like to  think that this recycled quilt is part of my efforts to be environmentally friendly and try to preserve the world the baby will be growing up in…) 

It is so fun to work with scraps from other quilts and remember what quilt they came from (or if they are another quilter’s scraps, wondering what quilt they went into!).

I pieced the quilt using the “Log jam” technique (free-form log cabin style piecing). If you are new to my blog, here is a link to some previous posts on Log Jam/Log Jamming.


The quilt on the design wall prior to machine quilting:


The quilt freshly machine quilted (yes the quilting would not win any awards, but it worked for a baby quilt and I did it myself…):


A close up on the quilt to see some of the flannel scraps – all of which are somehow related to our beautiful state of Oregon:


The quilt is fully machine washable and I pre-washed it before sending it to the expectant Mom so she would know it can be washed and dried as much as needed!  I also made clear it was a UTILITY quilt – to be used – not hung on a wall!


Speaking of “Oregon Warmth”, here is a gratuitous shot of my delicious cup of hot chocolate I got on Monday while running errands with my neighbor and her son (Winter errands must include a stop for a yummy hot beverage).


Stay Warm!

17 thoughts on “Little Bits of Oregon Warmth”

    1. Do not tempt me – ha! I still have two little tubs of scrap flannel left (and some Minky scraps I need to make a baby blanket out of someday). Thanks – the expectant Mom said it fit perfectly with their woodland theme for the room for their son!


  1. The quilt is beautiful and so is the hot coco. Could a quilt be made in the pattern of the hot coco I wonder? I’m not a quilter, so I have no idea. Would be cool though…or maybe warm is a better word…lol. Great job.

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  2. You are always so creative. I’m certain the receiving family will find the quilt to be a wonderful addition to their home. Just imagine the hours and hours of snuggling they will enjoy while wrapped in its warmth.

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    1. Thank you! Terry made a big version lap size quilt earlier this year from flannel scraps, same method. He is going to show it at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show this year in the man quilter exhibit.


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