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This post is actually for me, but I will explain more about that later.

First I want to talk about Aurifilia. Yes, I completely made this term up, however, “Aurifilia” is an obsession, perhaps unhealthy perhaps not, with AURIfil Italian Threads.

Quilter True Confessions

My “Aurifilia” began 5 – 6 years ago when another quilter introduced me to these addicting Italian threads.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 10.16.50 PM.png
Photo credit: aurifil.com

It started with purchasing multipurpose neutral colored threads: cream, white, light gray etc. It progressed into buying less multipurpose colored threads: blues, greens, purples, browns.

Finally, it evolved into buying quilt designer collections of AURIfil thread in unusual bright or strong colors, with no specific plan or purpose for these threads.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 10.18.55 PM.png
Photo credit: aurifil.com/valori-wells-collection

Realizing my “Aurifilia” has gotten a bit out of control, I decided to reorganize my threads by brand, instead of color, to see just how much AURIfil (and in what colors) I had on hand.


I went from this organization (by color):


To this organization (by brand):


After organizing my Aurifil threads, I discovered I currently have no gray! Light gray is a great neutral color, in my opinion) for stitching; and medium and dark gray would look lovely as topstitching.

Why this post is for me

It is inevitable I am going to bring more AURIfil thread into my life (at least some gray!). The problem in the past is I could not remember what colors I had on hand when I was at shop and fell into an acute bout of Aurifilia.

Now I can whip out my smartphone, pull up this post and see what Aurifil I already have in my collection.

I might even update this post ever so often with the latest photo of my Aurifil collection!


I decided to do the same thing with my fabric yardage collection – keep on my blog photos of my current fabric collection. I added these photos to my tierneycreates Studio Tour page at the bottom if you would like to take a peek.

Yes our blogs can be our online diaries, why can’t they be our online catalogues too?




30 thoughts on “Aurifilia”

    1. Thank you! Live life on the edge and go get some blue to green to start 😉 (before you fall down the rabbit hole like me and start buying designer collections – ha!)


  1. I was just telling a friend the other day about aurafil thread. That about sums it up for me as well. Someone introduced me and the addiction started. Love all your colors.

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    1. Oh no you have been sucked in! But seriously it is awesome thread and I heard it was some of the best thread for our Berninas (much less lint) if you are still using a Bernina 🙂


  2. Those are some very beautiful spools – with all of the colours that you display here, I can see why these threads are so lovable. They look smooth and satiny and just wonderful. Great idea to link to this post for the next time you’re in the shop – I should do the same for my yarn! 🙂

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  3. Wow! Your Aurifilia has created a beautiful wall hanging of spools! I always forget what shade of what color thread I need when shopping and seem to end up buying what I already have so your photo catalog idea is perfect, thanks!
    I love your studio set up, and that you even have a toy for Mike’s visits! 😊

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    1. Thank you! That is a great way to think of it – a wall of art – I never thought of that, thanks!
      We should all add photo catalogues to our blogs, ha! Yes I found a way to lure Mike into my studio 🙂

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