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Antique Singer Fabric Surprise!

Sunday evening I returned from the annual May Quilt Retreat in Vancouver, WA with my Quilting Sisters from Oregon, Washington and California.

I am so behind in blog posts (posting and reading the blogs I follow) as I had a partial “social media break” for four (4) days. The WiFi at the retreat was out and we only had the option of using our cellular phone data. I am a spendthrift and have a small cellular data plan (2G a month) so I sparingly used it for those couple of blog posts during the retreat (Please Vote On The Color! and The Votes Are In!); as well as visiting with Terry the Quilting Husband via FaceTime during the retreat.

I am not sure whether to start at the beginning of the backlog of stories I want to share or just randomly share them. This post is a random sharing to get me started back with posting.

A Very Thoughtful Surprise

A couple weeks ago I decided to separately post the “Postscript” section of a post from May 2017 about a $10 antique Singer sewing machine I purchased at a flea market – Impulse Buy: Antique Singer Sewing Machine. Although I back dated the post it still showed up as a new post for those who follow me.

Well the wonderful Sarah @ thecookmanlife contacted me and said she wanted to send me a surprise. I was blown away when this awesome Robert Kaufman Fabrics panel of antique Singer sewing machines!


Is this not awesome! Now I have an antique Singer sewing machine and fabric with the same machine on it!

Please check out Sarah’s lovely crafter blog @ thecookmanlifeI was blown away by her kind thoughtfulness!


Couple other random follow ups.

Lost In Space

Luckily, as I ended up not having access to WiFi for four days, I downloaded the first couple episodes of the Netflix series Lost In Space. I am doing a “watch and stitch along” with Tracy @ itsatsweetsday.blog where we watch each others Netflix suggestions for hand stitching and binge-watching and compare notes!

I love how Netflix now lets you download some of their shows and movies for offline viewing on your smart phone or tablet (I watched on my iPad).

The series is awesome so far and is a different spin on the series I watched on TV as a kid   (‘Danger Will Robinson!”).

Oh and if you do not already follow Tracy’s blog (It’s a T-Sweets Day) I highly recommend it, she is a Renaissance Woman of Crafting (baking, quilting, crochet, etc., etc.).

Another Cool Block

Oh and this is an additional follow up to my previous posts: Please Vote On The Color! and The Votes Are In!

Well before I left the quilt retreat on Sunday to get my bus back to Central Oregon, my Quilting Sister Dana was working on another star block with the beautiful Tula Pink All Stars Fabric and the coordinating solids and dots fabrics. I thought you might like to see it:


Looks pretty yummy to me!

I will be sure to bug Dana to send me a photo of the completed quilt to share with you on this blog!

More random posts to come, if I post everyday for a couple weeks I will catch up with all the posts in my head 🙂



37 thoughts on “Antique Singer Fabric Surprise!”

  1. That’s a gorgeous panel and now I am very curious to see your machine in action . There is something so calming about watching antique sewing machine work. 🙂 What are you going to do with the panel?

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  2. Great machine impulse buy! I, too, found a sahweet Singer machine dating back to 1955 in S. Carolina this past winter. When I returned home, I took it to a local gal who is a machine mechanic, and she corrected the tension for me. She also had me open the little box of tricks that came with it, and went over each accessory. Runs like a dream and I love it.

    A friend and I are heading to the Sisters Show in Oregon in July of 2019. I see you’ve been there? I’ve been to Paducah, KY, but never to the west coast. Can’t wait to go!

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment and you were so lucky to find a machine mechanic who can fix your awesome find! Yes I live in Central Oregon and go to Sisters Show each year. I usually have a quilt or two in the show each year. Look for our Central Oregon SAQA exhibit – Threads That Bind – I will have my piece “Recycled Love” in that exhibit at the Sisters Outdoor show 🙂
      I want to see Paducah someday!


  3. I think it’s really awesome to have both the vintage machine as well as the fabric! Machines back then had such artistic paint jobs. I bet being without WiFi was a bit relaxing. It can add its own kind of stress. 😊


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