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Please Vote On The Color!

OK this is a quickie post!

Right now I am at my annual quilt retreat with my Quilting Sisters and for fun we would like your opinion on which is the best coordinating color for a block one of my Quilting Sisters is working on (during our late night quilting marathon).

We have been debating it for 30 minutes and I thought – why don’t I throw it out there for the tierneycreates readers 😀?

Okay this is a 12″ x 12″ finished block that is part of a fussy cut center star block quilt using Tula Pink All Stars fabric line.

Here are some completed blocks:

And here is the one for you to vote on:

Should the inner triangles around the fussy cut Tula Pink square be:

  • Light gray?
  • Minty Teal?
  • Pinkish Lavender?

Thanks for giving your opinion in the comments!

50 thoughts on “Please Vote On The Color!”

  1. Pale yellow to bring out the squirrel. I know it’s not one of the choices you offered but try it. 😊
    And if you really really want a decision based only on the three you offered, normally I would go with the teal, but the other blocks are staying within their main color families, so I would go with the pink. I think there is going to be lots of lovely contrast between blocks, and it might be best to stick to that scale, and have contrast between blocks. Having the contrast in the small pieces within the block, may make that one jump out a little. Unless you are going to do lots of other blocks with interior contrast as well, then go for teal.
    What a long answer! But isn’t that what we all do with our color choices? 🙂

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  2. I like the idea of the yellow, not one of the choices. Probably too late. The values are all the same with the teal and pink, but with the teal, you’d have some color contrast. Yellow would bring out the squirrel- that’s a good thing.

    Can’t wait to see what you did do—-

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