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Pillow Power!

I’ve completed the Pillow Project – 5 pillows are made: 4 for my living room and one for my studio. Several of the pillows I began at the recent quilting retreat I attended (see post The Pillow Project).

If you are just joining us, this post is a follow up to these five posts (as well as various other older posts as I procrastinated through some of my projects):

Yikes Tierney, it sure takes you a lot of posts to stop talking about a project? Yes, true…and? (smile).

So here are the completed pillows.

Studio/Office Pillow

Made from recycled 2.5 inch x 2.5 inch fabric scrap squares that were turned into half-square triangles (it took 196 half-square triangles to complete!), this pillow measures approximately 22 inches x 22 inches:


Living Room Pillows

These pillows measure appropriately 23 inches x 23 inches and were made from batik fabric scraps pieced into improvisational (“log jamming”) log cabin style blocks:

Photo shoot on the porch swing
One of my favorite of the four pillows

Here is what the back of the pillows looks like – made with recycled quilting fabric trimmed from a quilt after long-arm quilting:


We have two sofas in the living room that face each other – I usually hang out on one and Terry the Quilting Husband (TTQH) hangs out on the other.

My sofa with two of the cushions:


TTQH’s sofa with the other two cushions:


Yes, we have a crazy amount of color in our house (our house is not for the bold color faint-hearted!)

To close this post, here is a random gratuitous photo of a lovely purple iris from my walk yesterday:


I still have more stories to share from he annual May quilting retreat I attended with my Quilting Sisters in Vancouver, WA May 17 – 20, 2018. I just wanted to share the follow up on the whole pillow making saga 🙂

31 thoughts on “Pillow Power!”

  1. I have tons of scraps, some already cut into squares. I have the same pillow pattern book. All I need to do is muster up the energy to make 196 half triangle squares.🤪 The pillows look great! And I love the color of that Iris!

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    1. No! A sane person would just follow the pattern and make the 50 HSTs it says in the book – ha! I bet if you used 3 – 3.5 or larger squares for your HSTs it would go much faster (and would not drive you to the brink of insanity like it nearly drove me, ha!). Thanks for your comments 🙂


  2. All look good. I like the black and purples in the couch pillows; I love the HST pillow. It is so hard for me to handle the light halves of the block to keep them playing well together. And for some reason I never have equal light and dark scraps for HSTs. But if I ever do, I’m following in your footsteps.

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  3. I’m so loving all of your pillows — the log cabin pillows are a fantastic match for both couches! After seeing your finished pillow I’ve decided to use my 120 left over hst to make a pillow also — think I’ll go with the 3.5 squares so I can get 2 pillows 🙂
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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  4. All the pillows here are gorgeous! Congratulations on these wonderful pillow FOs! It must be so nice to get to enjoy them in the living room during couch time (one of my favourite things); their colors add energy to an already vibrant space! 🙂

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  5. I haven’t been around so pardon the late response and questions you may have already answered. First, these look GREAT! I love the colors and the joy they bring.

    Questions: what was the motivation for the project? Just to add that color to your spaces? Are the pillow covers quilted or are there raw edges underneath?

    Good work as always, my friend!

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    1. That is a great question Melanie and I would have liked to include it in the post if I’d thought of that, thanks! The motivation was that we had 4 pillows on the sofa that were fleece and very wintery. Also they were plaid. I wanted something brighter for Spring/Summer and lighter (fleece is for cozy Fall and Winter). Also I had the already pieced freeform log cabin blocks and needed them to do something else besides gather dust. I did not want to make them into a quilt as I already have several freeform/improvisational log cabin block quilts. The same sort of situation with the HST pillow – I have a huge collection of scrap squares and I had a pillow that needed a new cover in my sewing area. 🙂

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  6. Oooh, look at what I’ve missed while I’ve been away! I LOVE your awesome colourful pillows, Tierney… Just what you need to bring the feel of those sunny summer days indoors! Although I did briefly think you’d brought the couch outside for your photoshoot! 😂 Beautiful iris, too.

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    1. Ha – you are doing some serious blog catching up 🙂
      Hope you had a great time in Germany, looking forward to more posts.
      Well it might have been a bit much to drag the couch outside – ha! 🙂


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