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Visioning Human Rights in the New Millennium, Part II

If you are an artist/crafter have you ever attended an exhibit that made you want to just put away your art/craft supplies and find a new hobby?

This is what happened to me (no worries, it was only for a moment), when I saw the art quilts in the opening night of Visioning Human Rights in the New Millennium: Quilting the World’s Conscience at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts in Hamilton, Ohio on Friday August 17, 2018.

This post is a continuation of the post Visioning Human Rights in the New Millennium, Part I  and rather than ramble on about how many of these inspirational, provocative, powerful, creative, masterpieces made me want to shut down my sewing machine and walk away, I will just share a sample of images of the amazing quilts in the show.

I’ve included the Artist Statements that explain these amazing art quilts inspired by United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Note I am going to share images of quilts from the show over several posts.

Earamicha Brown – A Woman’s Worth


Behrooz Assani – The Dawn of Human Rights


This quilt was not by a “Woman of Color” but by a Persian man, originally from Iran who wanted to show that although this part of the world has a reputation for the violation of human rights, Persia was in ancient times a forerunner on the concept of human rights.

Barbara McCraw – Every Man, Woman, and Child


Cynthia Lockhart – Created to Be Me


Beverly Smith – Plant a Seed


Glenda Richardson – Article 25


I will leave you with these 6 quilts to think about and next post I will continue with more quilts from the show.

20 thoughts on “Visioning Human Rights in the New Millennium, Part II”

  1. That’s the thing about a creative life. Do we stay in our maker environments, somewhat isolated, or get out into the world, then be daunted by all that others are making. As in all things- we have to find the balance. Keep making Tierney!

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  2. Such great thoughts and concepts in the quilts! YOURs is also good enough to be there. I’d say you’ve hit the big time in quilting! All of these quilts–including yours-are very impressive!


  3. I can see why you were blown away by the quilts. They are amazing. How do people create such works of art with material and thread? Yours stands proudly alongside of them.


  4. Don’t you even think about hanging up your sewing stuff, missy! These are all incredible, inspiring pieces of work, and yours belongs right up there with them. I’m looking forward to seeing more!


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