Colorado Bound

Colorado Bound (Part II)

Here is my next installment in my new series of posts “Colorado Bound” which began with this post: Colorado Bound (Part I).

As revealed in my January 22 post I’ve decided to begin my new life in Northern Colorado this Spring.

In this post I thought I’d share a couple more details.

When I was considering the move to Colorado and not sure if it was the right thing or not, the Universe gave me a sign, and this ad was the first thing I saw when I opened a magazine to read while I was still deciding:


My Heart is In the Mountains

First, I want to share a series of photos that my friend Cody G. shared with me from one of his trips to Colorado (especially the Boulder, Colorado area) that show the mountainous beauty of the region:

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I am am drawn to living in places where I can be among mountains. One of the favorite things about living in the Pacific NW and Central Oregon during the past 21+ years of my life is that I got to live in the Cascade Mountain range.

Now I am moving to another amazing mountain range: the Rocky Mountains (Southern Rockies).

The Road Trip

In another post I will share some of the logistics of my move from Central Oregon to Northern Colorado but these are not as exciting as the upcoming ROAD TRIP from Central Oregon to Colorado!

Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

My sister is going to join me on the road trip!

During our road trip across four states in the Northeastern U.S. after my husband died in December (see posts Stories from the Road, Part I and Stories from the Road, Part II) my sister and I discussed that someday we would like to go on a road trip together for a happy and fun reason, not for a sad reason.

So I was very excited to invite her to drive with Mike the Miniature Schnauzer and me to our new Colorado adventure. She is going to meet up with us on our first leg of the journey – in Boise, Idaho.

She will fly into Boise and we will wander around Boise, staying overnight and then head out of our adventure through the states of Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and into Colorado.

We are discussing a detour along the way to Yellowstone National Park!

Old Faithful – Photo by Emily Campbell on Unsplash

We will of course have the tierneycreates Beastie with us (see series of posts Beastie Adventures) and she will be blogging from the road as we explore a couple states I’ve never driven through before!

Here is tierneycreates Beastie and her dog Mikelet, getting ready to study the road maps for the trip (but I hope she is not too much of a “backseat driver”):


I love GPS and the concept of having easy navigation from your smartphone but I still want to have on hand good old fashioned ROAD MAPS!


I need to take a break from daydreaming about my move to Colorado and start working on an art quilt for an invitational juried show, a really cool one, which I hope I get accepted into…but first I need to complete my piece!

Oh and I haven’t forgotten about the series of posts I started in early December – Secret Quilt Revealed, Part I, I will continue with the rest of the story about the creation of my piece for the WCQN show: Yours For Race and Country: Reflections on the Life of Colonel Charles Young.

One more thing – I went to lunch with my neighbor Carole today (the one whose lovely “girl cave” I featured in the October 2018 post A Room of Her Own) and came across this sign that made me smile at one of the shops we stopped in after lunch:


Feature Photo Image Credit: Cody Gillenwater

40 thoughts on “Colorado Bound (Part II)”

  1. Beautiful! A sister road trip is a great idea. I agree with you about road maps. On our small Meemaw road trips we use road naps. We find the old country roads and find off -the-main-road interesting places. Have fun on your trip.
    And I’m looking forward to seeing your new quilt piece.

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  2. I wish you all the best in your travels! I have spent time in many of the mentioned states. I’ve also spent a lot of time in Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs. I had a family member that lived in Colorado. We would spend a week there every year. So many adventures await your new life. Hugs!

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  3. Maybe now’s the time to mention that your new adventure is running parallel to our own life saga of returning HOME to Colorado (to live there again) after almost 10 years of imposed living here in SC (job offer given in SC after economic downturn left us in bankruptcy with our CO business). We’re honing in on an April/May/June timeframe…after we tie up the many loose ends here.
    So, those photos! I could tell you detailed info on each and every one of them…It’s cool to see this through your virgin eyes, too! HA! Once we’re all settled in…whenever???…maybe we’ll see each other at one of the many quilt guilds? You do know that Boulder has a Contemporary Quilt Guild (never been, formed after we left) And Golden has lots of workshops etc associated with their Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum (I had a few things on sale consignment there back in the day!).
    Anyway – Keep on truckin’, Tierney!
    ps- I don’t mean to sound insensitive to your period of mourning, so if it’s a bad day for you just know this is offered in the innocent spirit of WP sharing. Take care.

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  4. I don’t think I could handle the chilly mountain weather of Central Oregon or Colorado in winter, but it does seem like the universe is trying to tell you to get a move on to Colorado. And if I’ve learned anything about Beasties, Tierney Beastie will be dictating exactly where to go, but just remember her head is full of wooly stuffing before you take any uncharted detours she suggests :))

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    1. You are so right – I know there will be backseat driving πŸ™‚
      Yes it is cold in the mountains but then there is not the rain you get in Seattle or Portland. So it is a trade off. I am all about blue skies and mountains πŸ™‚


  5. I also want to be in the mountains, but I need to be patient, too! The road trip sounds great. My sister is a very nervous traveler, so it would NOT be as fun with her! πŸ™‚ Of course weather can be an issue in the mountains, in the spring. Not news to you. So of course enjoy, but build in enough time and flexibility that you can wait out road problems. Blessings to you!

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  6. sounds like it’s gonna be magnificent, look forward to hearing more of the adventures, when you’ve on the road…in the meantime, I note quilt making awaits thee πŸ™‚

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  7. Oooh, so exciting! And with scenery like that, I’m not surprised you couldn’t resist the call of Colorado. My own first trip Stateside saw us starting out from Denver and travelling through Wyoming and taking in Yellowstone, so you’re in for a treat! I’m not sure how long you’ll be waiting before you go, but the Old Faithful Inn was one of my favourite memories from my family’s vacation. It’s open to stay in from May to October if that fits with your plans πŸ™‚

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  8. Cody G. took great photos of Colorado. I was expecting Julie Andrews to pop up in one of the photos singing. I think a road trip is something that will be cathartic for you. Dont be too quick . . . take your time and appreciate the journey.

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  9. What a great and picturesque part of the world. I lived close to slightly more northern Rocky Mountains when we were in Calgary. It’s certainly not something you will tire of! All the best on your next adventure.

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