Quilter’s Studio and House Tour

Alas, I am not sharing my studio and house tour. It is more like I am sharing my dream studio and house tour (smile). My house and studio are currently partially packed up and a mess as I sort my stuff out for my move to Colorado this Spring.

This post about another quilter’s studio and house tour.

My dear friend Marla Jo (and her wonderful husband Jason) have been incredibly supportive during this difficult period in my life (my new life as a recent widow) and to give me a distraction from my grief, a couple of weekends ago she invited me see the studio and home of one of her clients/friends (Jaime) who is a quilter.

I thought it would be fun to share some photos from that visit as I would guess many of you, like me, enjoy artist studio tour posts!

The Studio

Here are images of Jaime’s yummy quilt studio:


She has beautiful custom designed cabinetry throughout her gorgeous home.

I was fascinated by how she organized her fabric:


She showed me that she used scrap thin cardboard cut to a uniform size to organize the fabric:


I love how her fabric stands upright like in a quilt shop.

Her organizationreminded me of the studio of my friend Dana which I shared on this post – Ultimate Studio Fabric Organizationย and the way Dana organized her fabric yardage.

Dana used recycled cardboard from fabric bolts that quilt shops gave to her. She cut them in half and wrapped her fabric around them:


Jaime had a wonderful wallhanging in her studio, made by her sister, celebrating her collection of decorative pins:


The House

The studio was spectacular and the house was equally as spectacular. Here are a couple of my favorite areas of Jaime’s beautiful home:

The Entire Wall Bookcase in the Living Room

My dream!


The Dream Soaking Tub

Jaime is an artful decorator and designed a nook in her bathroom to put a peaceful soaking tub:


The Grand Piano

At one point in my young life I studied piano and I have always been fascinated with pianos. Jaime had in her sitting room a custom made piano from Estonia that had an exquisite sound (she treated us to a mini concert):


There were many other magical rooms/areas of her home but I wanted to spend time visiting with her and Marla Jo and not be rude and just take photos.

But let’s close this post with a view that took my breath away (my photo does not do it justice) – the view from the upstairs balcony of her home with a view down to the living room:


31 thoughts on “Quilter’s Studio and House Tour”

  1. I would ooh-awe just looking/feel/touching all the eye fabric candy, wouldn’t get a thing done. Awesome! Especially love the pin quilt. Such a great idea. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Oh, I want those shelves! I want to be that organised! Although, I imagine that even with all that beautiful storage I would still have a muddled mess. ๐Ÿ˜‰ What kind friends you have to organise this adventure.


  3. Just as I suspected . . . Tierney hangs out with royalty. I should have known though. The elaborate cross country trips, the food fit for a king of a large country, and a past career giving piano concertos. Whew, that quilt studio got me whoozy. In my studio, I would have photography equipment, photos, and drawings. With smooth music playing . . . preferably Kenny G. Might put a full length mirror in there and start singing songs from Michael Bolton Collection. of course using a pen as my “pretend” microphone.

    Good Jog Jaime in designing your studio. You have inspired us all.

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      1. While life for you is really tough right now, in this blog, I can see that you have lived a life with love for your TTQH, family, friends, and the arts. Thats what has made your life exciting.

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  4. That really is a dream! That studio…..the possibilities of basically having your own personal shop! Such wonderful inspiration as you contemplate your new home and the design possibilities.

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      1. I had an old studio apartment that was just like this! I had a big wicker chest at the end of the bed with fabric,fluff and stuff, the end of the sofa had my embroidery stand… The only table in the place was a dressmaking one and home to my sewing machine! I think it was more studio than living place really.

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